Welcome to the Chakra Profile Page

This is a One on One Consultation

The chakra profile offers us insights into the health of our aura and its seven chakras pinpointing any that are not vibrating at the proper frequency thus minimising the input and output of our energy.

We can find out which chakra in particular is affected and subsequently which part of our body, our lifestyle is placing under pressure as we try to live “what we think we should” instead of “who we are and our life’s opportunities.

These revelations can help us to find a balance between the “physical realities” of our day-to-day life and our etheric body.

We learn techniques to free the blockage of energy that is held captive by our particular misunderstanding and allow the free flow of this energy throughout our body.

We can help heal any illness or disease that this blockage has been creating by changing thought patterns.


What to bring to the Consultation:

Bring a notebook, pen and water bottle.





The profile runs 1.5 hours



Chakra Profile $250

If you have any questions about this event

please contact us on: 1300 718 257

Email: info@livingillumination.com