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The six cycles of life courses are all about discovering your past for its healing and revealing.

Beginning with the most important, the first cycle from zero to seven, which embodies experiences that encompass our past lives reopened through the attitudes of the people around us, particularly parents or guardians. This cycle sets the tone of healing or atonement for all the others. Without clarifying the why some of these experiences can seem treacherous. Or alternatively we can be catered to weakening our will to impose self-discipline so necessary for the cycles ahead. By exposing the why we can be aware of our part within it and take the power back from any programming we may have endured. There are amazing techniques in each of the cycles, which help us open to their memories.

Each cycle has its own agenda and where we deliberately address a different energy of learning and growing as our peers display the same hardships and pleasures that we ourselves are experiencing.

The second cycle from seven to fourteen is about gathering facts for our life on planet earth to enable us to reason our path and purpose as it begins to unravel. Will we be able to resist the influences of people around us to follow what we feel rather than what we are told?

The third cycle from fourteen to twenty one address our spiritual maturity, which happens in the beginning of the cycle. Regardless of the slow growth of souls caught in intellectual pursuits and diminished in their natural genius, in this cycle we develop a type of personality from our intellectual growth or a spiritual maturity from our feeling understanding. We can go either way. If we take on rebellion it may enrich our pathway to our own truth. There are some amazing life changing techniques in this course.

In the fourth cycle from twenty one to twenty eight we address our life as an adult. We chose what we wish to follow. If our traditions are cemented they may become adrift in this cycle as we review all our cycles so far. We take on more responsibility for ourselves or we fear moving forward.

In the fifth cycle from twenty eight to thirty five we search for our particular idea of enlightenment taking more command in the running of our daily life. We source for answers to our career and vocational prospects maybe changing our mind a few times till what we are doing what feels comfortable. We are less controlled by opinions of others. We are more easily able to feel comfortable in our own skin. We begin to look further afield than our small comfort zones.

In the sixth cycle from thirty five to forty two our focus is on living our spiritual path and purpose. It is also an extremely abundant era of our life. We begin to develop skill at being ourselves and comfortable sharing our wisdom. If we have not found our inner truth we will be looking for it intently. Usually we begin looking outside ourselves.

What to bring to the Course:

Bring a notebook, pen and water bottle.

Wear comfortable clothes suitable for a workshop and a jacket incase your venue is air-conditioned.

Something to eat.

Tea and Coffee will be provided.



Pathways A Level

Pathways B Level

Gift Courses x 2

The Relationship Course



The course runs for 1-2 days, registration opens 15mins prior.



Cycles of Life Courses $550 per day


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