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Your spiritual gifts explain who you are particularly as they also represent parts of your body which can explain their significance. 

Your prophecy gift represents your head and finds the answers to the question: what.  If you had no what in your life your would have no direction.  It also has a sense of the future.  Monitoring what is come ahead.  It represents Discernment. 

Your Visionary Gift represents your torso.  It answers the question: when.  If you did not have timing in your life you would be at the right place at the wrong time.  Timing runs your life as does your visionary gift.  It also monitors past events to ensure you don't make the same mistakes.  It represents third eye visions. 

Your Intuitive Gift represents your arms and how your follow your direction like the steering wheel on a car.  It answers the question where.   It is part of your decision making in the present.   It keeps you in the present where you need to create your future.  

Your feeling gift represents your legs.  They are the labour of your life.  They walk you through your life allowing you to feel your way.  They feel the earth vibrations and are aware of where the energy is for you to be.  They answer the question why.  Their sensitivity is all about feeling. 

What to bring to the Course:

  • Bring a notebook, pen and water bottle.
  • Wear comfortable clothes suitable for a workshop and a jacket incase your venue is air-conditioned.
  • Something to eat.
  • Tea and Coffee will be provided.



The course runs 8-10 hours, registration opens 15mins prior. 



Gift of Feeling Course Price $300

Gift of Intuition Course Price $350

Gift of Vision Course Price $400

Gift of Prophecy Course Price $800

 If you have any questions about this event

please contact us on: 1300 718 257

Email: info@livingillumination.com


We look forward to seeing you there.