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The Future

There is nothing in the future that is not born of our deeds or investments today. The energy of Living Illumination is available to the searcher today to heal the past, live in the present and design the future.”

This is ‘energy of promise’ that with the right investments, the future will help the searcher reap the rewards of the service that it has intended to deliver.

“Buddhism has the characteristics of what would be expected in a cosmic religion for the future.  It transcends a personal God, avoids dogmas and theology; it covers both the natural and the spiritual and it is based on a religious sense aspiring from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, as a meaningful unity.” ~Albert Einstein

Why is it important to understand the future?

For many of us the future poses many challenges or illusions.  Because we don’t know what is “going to happen”, we often translate it to fear, illusion or trepidation. We become afraid of the many normal bumps on life’s highways such as: being afraid of the dark, afraid of criticism or afraid of the truth.  Other deeper-seated fears can produce fear of abandonment, rejection and destitution.

We often don’t understand that the future is being spawned in the present by the seeds that we sew today.   What we are living today is the result of the investments that we made in our yesterdays.

We may seek to find answers from others to be assured that we are on track and doing what we need to be doing to be successful.  But what is the success we seek?  Is it to be reassured that everything is going to be the same as it is now? – That is impossible.

Every day there is change, there has to be, sometimes so small that we hardly notice.   We may just notice we are a day older than yesterday, but our years are made up of these days. Each day we are one day closer to leaving planet earth.   If we are not investing in change, which creates the format for spiritual growth, it will move slowly but deliberately towards some big modifications to our life that we probably won’t welcome.

We may be attracted to find others that have the same fears as we do, and be happy to paint a rosy picture of outcomes together with them, for the future.  So much of our precious time can be wasted romanticising about ‘what could be’ instead of making ‘what we want to happen’ ourselves by investing in the planting of its seeds in deeds today.

When we invest in our future today, which is as simple as following our gut feelings instead of our ideas about what we should or should not, ought or ought not, could or could not, would or would not be doing according to the outcomes linked to others or events.   When we do what we feel good doing, we plant those seeds.   Like any garden it takes time and patience to reap its harvest.

Have you ever planted a garden?  Waited with impatience for all its seeds to break through the soil? Then to follow its every new leaf and flower in awe as they added personality to your garden?  Following your feelings is the same kind of profound adventure.  Opening up the garden of our feelings and allowing their wisdom to blossom forth and create sunshine in our life, which brings forth flowers of fulfillment, happiness, contentment and joy.

We need to keep tunnel vision that we are watering and nurturing our crop, which we do by putting into action what we know we need to do.

What is it we need to do?

Each of us has a unique message within us, if we are not opening to it, it is like a slow ticking time bomb of change.

No one can really help us understand its specifics because it is ‘who we are’.  We may be living the opposite of it right now and only ‘we’ can really know that; so we can’t rely on others to give us our direction.   They, simply said, do not know it.

Our purpose can be likened to the blossoming of a Lotus Flower each of the petals opening uniquely in their own timing and beauty.

Of course there are spiritual profiles and courses you can do to help open understanding of the future but spiritual growth begins with ‘your’ desire and is fuelled by ‘your’ passion.  Just like any vehicle, it can’t move without someone driving it or without fuel.

Once we are on our journey we can give professional spiritual consultants permission to delve into our past, present or future briefly, and a pocket of energy (a window view) can open for that and only that and closes after the fact.  Then the responsibility for it will always be ours and “everything that we learn about ourselves outside of our own impressions” must always be checked by our feelings for its veracity.

How do we know we are on our spiritual path? 

The clock is either clicking too quickly if we are on our spiritual path and trying to fit all our agendas into what we know we need to be doing or ticking slowly if we are merely a spectator of our spiritual life.   Most of us have found the illusions of planet earth a great time waster – our cultures scream of it, and are behind on clarifying our real purpose.   If we are escaping into dozens of activities that do not amount to much about “who we are, where we are going and where we came from”, all we will live is stress.

Growing spiritually does not impact on our health and well being – it enhances it.

If we have a fear of the future it is perhaps because we do not have the facts clarified in our feelings about our direction.   We feel insecure about certain things and particularly at times in our relationships.  We need to change that today.  Begin in earnest to open yourself to more self-understanding.

You can begin by noticing yourself and monitoring your own thoughts and the emotions they bring.

You can evaluate what really worked in your life and how it began.   What changes really happened? And were they welcome at the time or unwelcome?   Did they begin badly and evolve into good experiences?

These are all indicators of living our spiritual realities or running our motor on idle.

If you try to accelerate on idle you can kill your transmission. In other words you are really going nowhere when you try to grow spiritually (intellectually) without investing in your true self (your feelings).