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Grow The Soul

Whatever you want in life begins first in the energy layer of yourself and your environment.

The war for “who we are” or “who we think we are” versus “who we want to become” is waged in this energy world. How aware we are of its existence with guided pathways is how easily we can transform unwanted habits and tendencies into valuable tools that we can work with to accelerate our energy refinement and thereby invite the reality of its abundance into our life.

Our investments in ourselves bring forth the greatest transformation available on the planet. It is where our success in any of our frontiers of life really begins.

If we ever wondered what “Changing our life” would mean, we don’t have to leave home to discover it, it happens when we begin in earnest on our spiritual journey.

We can liken it, depending on how much passion we invest in it, to a “baptism by fire”. Our perspective of life and the people around us changes with each new level of awareness we open to. We don’t even have to leave our environment because it is like an “onboard movie” we become involved with, each person playing different parts as the “healing/revealing” areas resolve themselves. Depending on the speed of change we invest in, our loved ones can move around in our environment using different scripts as we heal our past.

Some of the levels of awareness can be very challenging and others are easy as we welcome the changes they bring.

Things You May Need To Consider:

It takes courage to grow spiritually but when you begin usually your passion for the truth, ignites you into action.
– We can’t take anyone with us on our spiritual journey.
– That means we can’t make growing spiritually dependent on someone or something else.
– We are on a solo journey.
– We come in alone, we leave alone.
– We meet the people we need to meet on the way
– Some of them move in and out of different scripts in our daily life so discernment is the key to finding contentment in the moment.

If we know this, we can help others by being a good example. Not to make our journey dependent on them.

We need to have an introspective focus while we are learning about who we are.

Until we are sharing our wisdom as our profession, we are on the inflow (healing and revealing) stage of our spiritual growth.

This involves 3 levels. It is like ascending the staircases up one pyramid – discovering it – then moving onto another following the same pathways of learning and then finally a more refined and abundant learning. It was no easy feat to establish them. To simplify it, they are each broken down to 6 steps within each level.

Living Illumination can offer you spiritual tools for each of these levels and beyond.

Each step on our spiritual journey promotes another step as and when we are ready for it.

Step one is all you need to begin with.
Step two will then present itself and you decide if it is for you.

Begin at the beginning.

The Universal Workshop opens the first door to your possibilities of knowing yourself in an accelerated and enlightened approach and knowing your Angels in a more intimate way.