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Heal The Soul

The Living Illumination program supports each individual participant to reach their potential.

It begins with an Introductory Universal Workshop where angels and confusion are explained in depth and each participant establishes communication with their team of angels. Insights into each participant’s style of communication are explored in depth.

Once a person has this basic understanding of themselves and their communication with their angels there are many different types of services available for the searcher.

These include Profiles – for example, a Blockage Clearance Profile takes one hour and because of its amazing energy can change a person’s life from hardship to joy – in this short space of time.

Each profile offered by Living Illumination targets a specific area of healing or revealing which create a tremendous platform for change.

In order to grow spiritually courses working with unique ‘pathways to enlightenment’ energy are offered. A person accelerates their understanding very quickly in this superior energy opportunity. Their aura expands and life begins to offer its abundance in the areas targeted. They use this new and energetic potential.

There are also introductory courses that help with specific tools to help increase the efficiency of communication with our angels.

Public Trance Healing Tables help to move souls in confusion that appear as obstacles in our pathways to enlightenment. They are attracted to misunderstandings we have about ourselves. We have these misunderstandings related to the different levels of consciousness. We can have them in all three levels at the same time. For this reason trance healing tables are offered the public to shift these souls and help understand their impact upon us and to shift enlightenment into our previous misunderstandings to close doors to these souls.