Jules DeBondt-Barker

Originally from the USA, Jules has now called Australia
home for over 34 years.  Since 1988 she had been on
a journey of self improvement doing various courses.
Although Jules had healed many of her life experiences, most
of the same issues always reappeared. Old wounds
would be re-opened and she would begin again to
try to further “develop” herself.

On March 17, 2013 Jules did the Universal Workshop
and met who she refers to as, “her Team”  or her Angels.
Since doing the Universal Workshop, these “old wounds”
have not only healed, but disappeared. Issues around
jealousy, resentment and acceptance - all gone.
Since the Universal Workshop, she opened up her
own successful Real Estate business doing what she
really loves to do and is no longer locked into living life
“the way it should be”.

She loves to share this new found freedom
and power with others that are searching for their
own answers and are interested in becoming the
masters of their own lives, without always having
to rely on others for solutions.  Jules knows that
they already have everything they need and is
passionate about lighting the pathway for them.