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Living Illumination is an educational organisation that backs people to discover their own truth.

Our program helps the searcher to:

  • Identify himself as a soul
  • Learn about his “energy” recognising this as his genuine identity
  • Rekindle memories of his true home – the universe; and learn about the past, particularly that which encroaches upon the present
  • He can discover in depth insights into each of his gifts of communication that align him with his innate power and ability to run his own life, manage his time and pursue his desires
  • It helps him explore his affinities, and to take a first solid footstep to reach into and communicate from his 90% untapped potential in the ocean of his feelings to explore his true destiny.

The difference between your “smaller self” and your “greater self”:

  • Make not your word your bond but rather use your inner truth to guide you to reclaim your lost powerful omnipotent nature.
  • Dispel the mysteries “the void” amplifies using simple powerful techniques.
  • Don’t settle for a poor imitation of you, created through the opinion of others.
  • Unplug from the Matrix – Give yourself permission to be “YOU”, “The Real YOU”.
  • These are important times! Invest in your inner truth!

Where to begin?

The Universal Workshop

The Universal Workshop is designed to show you the way to self-discovery, your truth and its profound message and the enviable life fashioned from its discovery – a vision of unparalleled success.

The workshop allows you to participate in a 5 hour in-depth study of your soul identity. You learn your own unique communication style with your personal team of Angels in a workshop environment and through sharing with others you can solidify how this communication works in your everyday life, making improvements and refinements as you deem fit.

Each of the areas that you improve on will simultaneously address your personal, business, social or spiritual energies helping you to align with your potential through awareness.

By the conclusion of the workshop you will have a greater understanding of yourself and your team of angels who have come to back you to be successful in living your life to your greatest advantage.

There are techniques that you will learn that you can use every day for the rest of your life which can enhance your energy and help you to build on the empowerment that you feel in the workshop.

As an introductory program The Universal Workshop is all about angels, and how to use them in our life to

  • Thrive in our relationship with ourselves and others
  • To be successful in our business
  • Flourish in our social life
  • And begin a new journey’s search for spiritual enlightenment.
  • In the workshop:
  • We introduce tools that inspire and allow us to develop our own innate psychic ability to forge ahead with our spiritual, business, social and personal goals.
  • We learn about the most important person in our world, “ourselves”.
  • We break down the barriers of “communication blocks” which may have made us live a “smaller picture” than we now want to pursue in our life.
  • We learn tools to develop with practice the greatest gift we can give ourselves “clear communication” which will open us up to the power of “self confidence” and “the attainment of inner peace”

Pathways To Enlightenment Courses

The Pathway courses are offered to follow The Universal Workshop. In these courses we can start on the first of six pathways, to build ourselves from our own inner truth like a wisdom tree putting down firm roots in the ground so that we will sway in the breeze of change but not bend or break.

These courses are called Pathways to Enlightenment because just like the pyramids, they represent the enormous refinement that we have within. At the time that the pyramids were constructed, our communication with all things seen and unseen was far superior than it is today. So much wisdom has been reclaimed by the investments of opening these tombs. Just as we are a pyramid spiritually ourselves, through rediscovering our spiritual structures, we need to open and follow through the unused pathways of time. This will assist us to rediscover who we are, where we have come from and why we are here now doing whatever we are doing.

There is no general answer that any of us can give each other. Each of us has our own journey we are undertaking and where we are within it’s trails is unique. The courses help us to find the answers we have always asked ourselves about this journey.

Just like the pyramids, there is a unique energy backing the Courses and it is this inspiring empowerment that delivers us to our own enlightenment.

In each of the pyramids there are six steps – so we begin at the beginning which is aptly called “Awakening Your Inner Self to its Potential”. As we journey up along these pathways the secret tombs become more illusive and hidden and our passion to discover them more intense. At the conclusion of each of the Pathways to Enlightenment Courses we feel a greater sense of freedom and respect for ourselves and our investments.


The philosophy of our organisation is to instruct you the searcher in the skills of discovering, which can be compared to swimming. Recognising that each of us is born with the natural intrinsic ability to swim unaided, but with time and programming we forget how to use this instinctive ability and need to relearn it as a skill. The longer we leave it, the more difficult it is for us to relearn. The more obstacles we have to climb over just to be “ourselves” which is our inherent right.

When we can swim, we can enjoy all the oceans of the world, confident that we can find our way to wherever we need to be without fear or trepidation. We no longer need to drown in a fear of the unknown. With our tools refined we can touch upon anything we do not understand and develop our own relationship of understanding with it. We find the freedom to be.