Top 7 Tips To Overcome Depression

Andrina Smylie - Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Overcoming Depression

At one point in life, we've suffered depression; though in varying degrees. You can be depressed for various reasons such as injured self-esteem, loss of a job, a failed relationship and education, amongst many others. But this should only last for a short while. If the situations seem to escalate, then it will become a severe psychological illness that’s difficult to treat. 

How to Overcome and Fight Depression

Depression is a common medical disease, and many people never see it until things are out of hand. If you start experiencing hopelessness, helplessness, intense sadness or worthlessness, your situation could be getting worse. Note that this is one of the most difficult conditions to treat as the causes and symptoms vary from patients. But as a psychological disorder, there are things that you can do to overcome depression:

  • Practicing Mindfulness

One of the main causes of depression is negative thinking. It has been observed that a depressed mind tends to worry unnecessarily and most of the time thinking about negative possibilities. The condition mostly affects people faced with a serious situation such as being terminally ill or having someone close to you who is critically ill. The cycle of the negative thoughts is what escalates to severe symptoms. Practising mindfulness involves thinking about the present moment and helps erase the bad memories responsible for causing your mental misery. 

  • Exercise

Depressed people tend to confine themselves, and this helps in escalating the symptoms. You need to get distracted so as to break the chain of worrying thoughts. Exercising is a great emotion fighter. Having regular exercise does not only come with health benefits but also raises your mood. It keeps you distracted from focusing in your sadness and also releases endorphins which are proven to make you feel better.  For great results, you can aim for at least a 30-minute workout daily. This does not only mean running, but also bike riding, walking, skating, yoga, and swimming amongst many others.

Exercise and Music Against Depression

  • Distract yourself

If you keep on going over and over your feelings of sadness, this will not only worsen the situation but also hinder recovery. Look out for enjoyable things to do even if you don’t feel like it. This may include taking a walk, playing with your pet, taking an art class, or interacting with a friend or loved ones. By keeping yourself busy with anything that takes away worries and fears off your mind, this is the most successful way to overcome depression.

  • Listening to music

Music is to be food for the soul. It can help by relaxing and soothing your mind. This all depends on what choice of music you choose to listen to.  Listening to the most beautiful and happy music that you love may help you work through your sadness. Avoid listening to sad music as this could make the situation even worse. Listening to happy music takes an immediate change to the atmosphere; giving a more positive vibe that improves your mood.  It is also a good way to have your mind distracted from ill and destructive thoughts.

  • Reach out to the friends and stay connected

While under depression, this is one of the most rewarding activities, but on the other hand, it’s the hardest thing to do. Due to shame and guilt, the first thing that comes to mind is to withdraw from friendship and isolate, which worsens the situation. By having social support from friends and family members you are aiding yourself and en route to a quick recovery. They will help to distract your mind and also provide someone to share what is disturbing you. Remember that a problem shared is a problem half solved.

  • Eat well, a mood boosting diet

By changing your diet, this will not directly cure you of depression, but you can choose foods that make you feel well. Reduce the intake of foods which can cause an effect on your brain and mood. This includes alcohol, trans fats, caffeine and food rich in chemical preservations.

  • Attend workshops

You need to find a professional counsellor and attend depression workshops. These are professionals who can help you with tips and techniques for fighting depression. You might also come across people who have successfully recovered from depression. This will give you hope and a positive attitude which is important to your recovery journey. 


Spirituality and Spiritual Healing

Andrina Smylie - Friday, August 25, 2017

Spirituality and Spiritual Healing

Spirituality is something that’s often misunderstood with religion or sometimes cults. In fact, when you mention spirituality, most people confuse it with religion, but they are not the same thing. Though all religion emphasizes spirituality, you can be spiritual without being a member of any religion. Spirituality is a practice that extends beyond the expression of religion to a deeper relationship between man and something greater beyond understanding. Spirituality is basically the pursuit of something that not only inspires but creates a kind of harmony with the universe. 

But whichever definition you want to give it, spirituality is a practice that has been practised in the Far East for years, and there have numerous stories about healing miracles that people have received. The practice is best known got healing in what popularly referred to as the spiritual healing. 

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing can simply be defined as a treatment given by a spiritual healer to a sick person by energy transfer or transmission. The treatment aims at balancing the body, spirit, mind and the spirit to get well. There are numerous testimonies healed serious health conditions from depression, weak immune system to low blood pressure amongst many other conditions. But it’s important to attend spiritual workshops to get the best out it and do it like a pro. To understand this topic better, we are going to focus on two main components; the types and benefits of spiritual healing.

Types of Spiritual Healing

As a way of healing various medical conditions, the practice has developed into numerous types to address different needs. Here is some of the main type of spiritual healing:

  • Yoga

Yoga is the most commonly used type of spiritual healing.  Most people know it as a form of physical fitness program, but there are numerous health benefits associated with it as spiritual healing. It is a broader approach that involves meditation and body positions that relax your mind and frees the flow of energy within you. More to that, Yoga helps in controlling the breathing, and it’s mostly used to cure various breathing complications. The best thing about this type of spiritual healing is that you can do it without the need of a spiritual healer, but you need to attend yoga workshops and learn how to do it.

  • Reiki

This is one of the types that a spiritual healer uses on a patient. With Reiki treatment, the spiritual healer uses his/her hands to transmit healing energy to the a person. The technique mostly emphasizes on the affected part of the body to enhance the healing process. But there is another form of Reiki known as the remote or Dancing Healing Reiki that does not require the spiritual healer‘s presence.

Reiki an Meditation

  • Angel Healing

This is a common type though many people may never realize that they are doing it. It is a type of healing that involves spiritual healers summoning the angels to heal an illness. Although it may not be associated with religions such as Christian, it’s almost the same as praying for healing.

  • Meditation

We can simply define meditation as the calming of the mind to achieve deep inner peace. It works great for the people who are struggling with confusing thoughts, negative self-talk or conflicting ideas. This is something that you can do yourself, but you need a spiritual healer to teach how. It’s a great healing method for stress and depression.

  • Acoustic Healing

As the name suggests, this is a form of healing that makes use of sound for healing. It may take the form of spiritual singing, humming, pitches, vibrations, rhythmic drumming, chanting and tapping among many other forms.

Benefits of Spiritual Healing

First, it’s important to put it clear that spiritual healing does not conflict with conventional healing, but they complement each other. Numerous health benefits associated with this practice but here are some of the obvious and common ones:

  • The body organs are re-energized. The clearing up of the energy pathways in organs such as kidneys enables them to work better.
  • Removal of toxins and poisonous elements from your body
  • Emotional relief
  • Relief from other conditions such as insomnia
  • Better blood circulation
  • Stress reduction
  • No use of chemicals thus making it safe for human


What Is Emotional Healing and Major Tips To Achieve It

Andrina Smylie - Friday, August 25, 2017

Emotional Healing

Emotional pain or distress is something that we have all experienced in varying degrees.  It is described as an unpleasant feeling of psychological origin. It is simply the mental pain caused by horrible experiences in life, and it’s extremely difficult to treat. In most cases, the patient withdraws in shame or to avoid ridicule, and this is what makes it extremely difficult to deal with. It is complicated to diagnose the problem since the symptoms (such as anxiety, unwanted compulsion, frustrations, agitated moods or sadness amongst others) do not necessarily tell the real cause of the pain.  

How to Achieve Emotional Healing

Emotional healing is the best way of dealing psychological pain. It is a practice that allows you to heal mental pains and emotional wounds without medication. With emotional healing, the patient can rediscover themselves and start living a better life. It’s not an easy practice, and it works best if you attend workshops or online platform such as YouTube and learn more about it. Although emotional healing is no easy and quick, there are things that you can do to get the best of it. Here are tips for emotional healing:

  • Be Yourself

This is the first step towards healing emotional pains and wounds. You must be yourself. This means that you have to define things about yourself such as: what you want, your values, what are your boundaries (and set them right), what are your own beliefs and opinions, clothes that you like to wear and also the kind of food that you eat. These are just a few of things that you need to define and make sure they are those things that provide you with positive energy.  

  • Invent Yourself

This is another important thing that you need to consider seriously. Mental or psychological illness can easily take away the real you, and before you know it, you can’t understand yourself. Inventing yourself is an important part of healing these wounds. You need to remember and take time back when you were mentally healthy and rediscover what you really wanted in life. What were you? What was the force driving? What changed? There are many other things that can turn around your life.

  • Love and Be Loved

Love is the thing we need most from those around us. Most psychological illnesses escalate as a result of rejection from community and people close to us. But it’s also important to mention that love is a two-way street.. you need to give for you to receive. You cannot expect to be loved if you don’t show love to the people around you. You need to start by showing love to the people that could have done you wrong for you to receive the same love. This helps to heal quickly as you build on your positive energy.

Healing Emotionally

  • Get a Grip On Your Mind

You need to check your state of mind seriously to get the best of this practice. Otherwise, you might not get to heal yourself no matter how long you live. You need to control what you think as this will impact your mental health. Ensure that you are churning away any thoughts that would add more injury to your psychological health. Block anything that would deteriorate the condition and entertain any thought that would raise your spirit. 

  • Forget the Past

Our mental health deteriorates with time particularly if the past remains with us. Mental healing is about forgetting the past that hurts and to open a new page of life that’s full of positive energy. Although forgetting is not easy, this practice greatly depends on the ability of the patient to forget and forgive. Leave the past behind and let any feeling associated with it go away.

  • Give Your Life a Meaning

This is a powerful tip that will help you find a purpose for living. You should give your life a meaning if you want to enhance your healing process. What would give your life importance? If you have a family, let it give your life meaning. Identify anything you care about, find meaning in it.


Everything You Need To Know About Meditation

Andrina Smylie - Friday, August 25, 2017

Meditation is a practice that has been found to have numerous health benefits to the doer. In fact, the number of the people who are turning to this practice in the recent years has increased tremendously due to these benefits. Meditation mostly works in improving mental health but can also be used to the physical health too. The majority of people turning to meditation are mostly pursuing emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being. What makes more people meditate are the numerous testimonies of those who have benefited from it, particularly in treating their mental conditions. But what is meditation?

The term meditation is simply defined as the awareness of inner silence. It is a practice that originated in the East and has been practised for centuries. Although it was closely associated with spirituality, the practise is also believed to have numerous health benefits some of which have been proven scientifically. In the recent years, it has spread to the most parts of the world mostly due to its incredible mental health benefits. It’s a powerful technique that allows your mind to become calm and peaceful effortlessly.  It is very common but it is typically a technique that requires training or attending meditation workshops to get the best out of it and become quite successful: 

Types of Meditation

There are different types of meditation, but a practitioner's ultimate goal determines the choice. Whether you are looking for spirituality, physical healing or mental healing, you have to seek out the right type of meditation that can help to achieve this. It’s also important to note that you need an expert to teach you how to meditate. Here are some of the common types of meditation:

  • Transcendental Meditation

This is one of the most popular types of meditation and the most scientifically studied. Transcendental meditation is mostly used to achieve the state of enlightenment and experiencing the inner calmness. Apart from being easy to learn and practice, it’s also very effective in achieving mental health and spiritual healing. But to get the best out of this meditation, expert guidance is recommended.

  • Heart Rhythm Meditation (HRM)

This is another popular meditation that’s practised by millions all over the world. It is one of the most efficient downward meditations since it focuses energy on developing the application of consciousness. HRM concentrate on the heart, with an emphasis on breathing with the purposes of experiencing mystics’ mantra. What makes the meditation popular is that the observer experiences spiritual, physical and emotional benefits.

HRM and Kundalini Meditations

  • Kundalini

This is an upward form of meditation that focuses mainly on the rising stream of energy. It originates from the Hindu and Buddhist teaching, and it’s best known for its healing benefits. For those who can access the dormant energy by controlling their breathing, the experience is incredible if not magical.

  • Guided Visualization

It’s one of the newer techniques that can be used for personal development, stress relief and spiritual healing. This type of meditation is inspired by Buddha and strongly built on “what you think you become” perception. This meditation works on the imagination where the practitioner focuses on relaxing, and positive experience and the body respond to this by producing chemicals that help the mind to generate a positive feeling.

  • Mindfulness

This is the last but not the least of the common meditation. Mindfulness meditation comes from the Buddhist tradition. It comes from the term sati which translates to mindfulness and breathing life into the practice. This meditation is done by sitting with closed eyes, the back straight, closed legs, and attention placed on breathing. It’s a very effective mental and spiritual practice, and it works best by letting the mind wander, accepting any thought and understanding the present.

  • Benefits of Meditation

For those who practice meditation, they enjoy numerous health benefits that are associated with it. In fact, the main reason why many people are turning to meditation is to improve health. Although improved mental health is the main drive, there are many other benefits but here are the main ones:

  • Will boost your brainpower
  • Enhanced focus or better concentration
  • It can delay the onset of the degenerative mental disorders
  • Brightens your disposition
  • Deep relaxation 
  • Improved sleep
  • Decrease pain
  • Boost in productivity
  • Better decision making and many other


Best Ways To Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment

Andrina Smylie - Friday, August 25, 2017

Achieving Spiritual Enlightenment

The concept spiritual enlightenment is one of the hardest to pin down.  It’s proven difficult to get a single clear definition of the concept for ages. In some cases, it is referred to as spiritual awakening, and it’s often misunderstood and confused with religion. For those who practice and go deeper into it, they understand that it goes beyond religion and the thoughts of a common man. It is a practice that conveys a certain level of wisdom and knowledge that is unparalleled. For practitioners, spiritual enlightenment provides them with a complete understanding of the universe and life in general. It provides them with a new perspective on everything and mostly creates a better and more podsitive life.

How to Be Enlightened Spiritually

The most misunderstood thing about spiritual enlightenment is that “you need to be religious” to practice. That’s simply not true. Enlightenment is all about discovering yourself and your purpose and all you need to do is do your research, meditate, commit yourself, attend workshops, and learn how to do it. It’s important to note that you don’t NEED to attend a physical enlightenment workshop, but you can have experts for training. 

Apart from spiritual nourishment, enlightenment is also associated with numerous health benefits, particularly for mental health. Most practitioners testify to achieving inner peace that has helped them overcome various mental illnesses and pains. It is great for stress and depression amongst many other psychological conditions. An important thing to note is that enlightenment comes in different disciplines. Each discipline is different and works best for a certain outcome. Here are some of the best ways to achieve spiritual enlightenment:

  • Meditation

Meditation is an effective type of spiritual enlightenment. What makes it popular is that you can select from its different types. Another important thing about meditation that makes it popular is that you can do it by yourself without the need of an expert; really, all you need is the internet. To achieve enlightenment with meditation, you can select and practise different types like qigong, kundalini, transcendental or mindfulness.

  • YogaChanting

Chanting is simply rhythmic speaking or singing words with the purpose of aligning the internal spiritual energy. It is a very effective method, and you can do it alone or as a group. It comprises a range of simple melodies and high complex music structures. Chanting mostly involves a great deal of repetition and sub phrases, and this is how it helps to cease conscious thought while still aware of your surroundings easily. This practice is common in Hawaiian, Native American and African cultures.

  • Yoga

Yoga is an incredibly popular practice that can help you achieve spiritual enlightenment as well. The practice was birthed from Hindu tradition before spreading through the entire East. Yoga is designed to provide the body with positions that cause energy to flow naturally so as to improve the health of the doer.  It also trains the mind to focus on the body while the body is trained to work efficiently, all for better health.  Over the years, yoga has developed into different types, and your trainer should recommend the best type based on your needs.

  • Dancing and Shaking

With dancing and shaking, you can cease conscious thought and achieve an enlightenment experience. In fact, it has been proven that dancing excess and other related activities such as quaking and shaking can easily initiate the cessation of conscious thought that triggers the enlightenment experience. It’s very effective when done properly, but you need to learn this technique mostly through attending workshops. 

  • Fasting

Fasting is a technique that has been used for years from the times before Christ. At one time, it is said that Jesus had to fast for forty days.  It is a great technique for those seeking spirituality, and it has been found to work very well. When you do not eat you leave more room from your brain to grow and expand. Religious folk will say that denying yourself food enables you to become closer to true God. This is why food fasting is important in spirituality.

  • Sensory Deprivation

This is one of the latest and most popular innovations in spiritual enlightenment. While these tanks have been around a long time, it's only recently become wildly popular in the enlightenment field. It is a technologically-designed tank that provides the user a perfect environment where one can easily cease conscious thought and experience an incredible enlightenment session. They are entirely dark and quiet tanks that are designed with salt water to help you float effortlessly. The experience of feeling weightless helps a lot in achieving spiritual enlightenment.


3 Ways Hindsight Can Become Your Foresight

Andrina Smylie - Tuesday, July 18, 2017

By Leiza Mosley

Have you ever said, “I wish I had the benefit of hindsight!” or “It’s easy for us to say now that choice was wrong, we now have the advantage of hindsight”?  Wouldn’t it be great to use that advantage of hindsight, in the moment…  right now…  to be certain you were making the right choices for your path and to trust in the big picture of the opportunity.

Here are three ways you can bring the power of hindsight to the fore and start reaping the benefits in the present:

1. Accept and know that you are a spiritual being – A soul is a very special being from the Universe and has a special mission to complete.  Yes you have a conscious mind to manage and body too to look after but they both support the Soul.  Your soul or spiritual you are the essence of you and when you are in your “feelings”.  Your “feelings” are different than your emotions, and it is what compels you or draws you towards an opportunity and gratifies you with a fulfilling outcome, often without explanation.  Do you ever wonder what is behind the feeling that no one can explain?  The presence of other beings, you sense but are not wholly aware of.  You can discover your unique Gifts of Communication at a Living Illumination Universal Workshop. 

2. Discover your Angels – Each of us has a dedicated team of Angels or you may like to call them Guides or Guidance.  These Master Souls have mastered what we have set our intentions of a Soul to also master this lifetime and they back us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help us fulfil our destiny.  You may like to consider them as your Board of Directors.  You are the CEO of your own life, and they have enough respect for you to allow your free will.  They give you over 80 impressions a day and you can communicate with them in clear energy at any time, in your own gift of communication.  For you it may be a feeling, a vision, a knowing, or words.  They have come to back you to help you uncover everything you need to know about yourself, past and present, so that together you can design and live the future will complete fulfilment and abundance.  I discovered all about my own personal team of Angels at a Living Illumination Universal Workshop. When was the last time you had a conversation with your Guidance and benefited from their wisdom that you innately share as is part of your blueprint?  

3. Stop wasting time in your Intellect – Your intellect or conscious mind serves to organise your priorities, once you have all the facts.  These facts are sourced from our “feelings” and communicating with our Guidance.  We can waste time focusing our energy on societal programming such as money, security, relationships, happiness and a whole lot of other misunderstandings.  We can waste so much time complicating decisions and end up feeling anxious, frustrated, inferior, judgemental, isolated or uncertain.  This can take us longer to learn and longer to grow.  You have the opportunity to have the fulfilment, joy and contentment you so desire and can manifest in your life.

Personally, I trust that my Angels guide me in the big picture of my life, and I use my “feelings” to communicate with them often throughout each day as I orchestrate and manifest my opportunities.  I urge you to trust that your situation has a higher purpose and what works out is the best for you and your soul purpose right now.  

You can learn all about your Guidance and build a relationship with your Angels as well as how to communicate with them at The Universal Workshop.  Click the link to register for the next event in your area.

Live the life you deserve

Andrina Smylie - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Live the life you deserve

Kristy Kaye

What is it that blocks your success? 
Have you the mindset for it?
What does success mean for you –

  • Is it happiness?
  • Is it being healthy?
  • Is it having abundance?
  • Or other ideas?
Chances are that you are weathering the programming you have inherited from your early life.  
You may not even believe you have programming.  
But until you look into it, no one but you can change your status quo.  

Before we incarnate into Planet Earth we have trouble we want to fix and contrary to popular beliefs it is friction that helps us to heal it.  

If we are having trouble with relationships, money, or even health, there may be learning for us in overcoming these obstacles to our mainstream happiness.  

How do we do that?  
It is not as difficult as you think.  It is all about self -discovery and gathering some real facts about help that is available to us to do that.  Living the life we deserve is all about discovering what blocks it rather than putting in steps to somehow war against ourselves to brutally change our status quo with changing our intellectual misunderstandings.

They need coaxing out as a better way is found to treat our past and its impact on us.  Living Illumination has all kinds of tools to help people on the pathway to their enlightenment.  

In the Universal Workshop displayed on the website, all of this is explained to help us to find out who we are, where we are going and why.  

In minutes not hours we can find out in-depth facts and instigate healings of our mindset and programming.  
This is the first stage of self-discovery.  We also learn how to acquire a foolproof communication with those special angels who have decided to support us this lifetime particularly if we get stuck in the past following someone else’s script for life instead of our own. 

Give yourself the gift of a lifetime.  Learn about who you are and your soul self.  This is your true destiny as you navigate your lifetime and its ups and downs.   Reveal the past!  Ask your angels questions as you polish the communication skills you have learnt in the Universal Workshop.  

There are so many interesting facts to reveal about who you are and your purpose for coming to Planet Earth.  No one’s story is ever boring because each soul in a body has a special agenda which embodies their past life experiences and defines who they are and what they have come to heal.
Begin your first step today on the most amazing journey of your life – the journey of awakening your Soul to its Truth through self-discovery - at the Living Illumination Universal Workshop.

The discerning step for those who are truly ready for a life they have only dared dream of.

© Kristy Kaye 2017

What others are saying about trance healing tables.

Andrina Smylie - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What others are saying about trance healing tables.  

Kristy Kaye

We all would love to believe in magic but sadly there is always a simple explanation for how our eyes deceive us.   The magician has perfected his skills and can make the illusion cement its impression.  
Trance is not magic but if we are new to its amazing ability to search out and heal confused souls that sound the same as we do when we are out of balance, we will agree that it is the closest event to magic that we will ever experience in a lifetime.  These souls interfere with our success in life so it does not take us long to recognize the lasting affects of the healings. 
When the souls leave we feel the relief and we return to the healing tables again and again to heal other souls.  After a while like all magic we begin to understand how it works and can depict souls talking to us rather than believing it is our thoughts.  
This is a great break through for most people.  Many things they had attributed to self blame were just confused souls talking to them and when they are liberated so is the person having the healing.
People returning also begin to target different level tables of either A, B or C recognizing the type of energy that may have recently been affecting them and select their healing based on this. 
Many believing it is too good to be true, return again and again to have more healings.  Each time they return the souls they heal are more potent and relevant and the person being healed has more acute awareness. 
It is a phenomenon that special trained priests carried out long ago.  It was considered too secretive to let the layperson have access to.  
Luckily those days are behind us.  But a word of caution:  Trance healings are only to be performed by those professionally qualified and certified Consultants who have all the necessary training to deal with this type of healing.
Procedures are strictly followed to ensure the safety and respect of each individual that comes for a healing.  Because it is such a unique experience for each participant, this environment ensures we have everyone’s best interest at heart.
Many people come with experiences of believing they were healed in the hands of inexperienced people.  The souls do not leave and move from person to person.  This can be a nightmare for the inexperienced person playing the role of the healer.  The healings at these unfortunate events are anything but healings.  
Professional Trance Healing Tables are the only ones ever held by Living Illumination.  They are the most revelatory practice to assist you in your soul discovery, to heal your past lives, understand your present and change your future reality to one you were destined to live.
Choose Trance Healings Tables as your next commitment to living your true nature.  Register now on our events page in a City near you.

 © Kristy Kaye 2017

Get spiritually fit!

Andrina Smylie - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Get spiritually fit!
Gather the life skills you need to maintain your peak condition! 
Go the distance to ensure that your spiritual health is your first priority!
Change your consciousness to upgrade your energy!   Our energy investments last for lifetimes.   Just like our body, our soul needs inflow (learning) and outflow (sharing)!  Our inflow needs to be beyond our level of consciousness to challenge us and stretch our spiritual muscles.  For outflow we need to solidify what we have learnt by finding others who want to hear what we have to share.  There is no exception to this rule.  At every level of consciousness we have the same needs and desires. Remember those social nights that you will never forget because you had everyone listening to your wisdom.  That is what we are talking about.  It is an awesome feeling.  
But finding the right kind of inflow can be difficult to discern.  What we need not what we want.  Often our intellect wants something fanciful to study or learn.  Its choices will more often not help our energy as we need it to.  Often people study for no reason at all gathering degrees just because it is a comfort zone.   Consider that often what we learn can limit us thinking outside the box.  We take what we have learnt as being an end in itself instead of a beginning.  We have whole societies doing that.   We need to find the right kind of inflow to produce the energy fitness that we need from week to week.   Without inflow and outflow our spiritual muscles fall into atrophy.  We can lose our confident demeanor, drift through life allowing others to make decisions for us and live in a fog. Not very appealing alternatives!  Well there is more than hope available to you.    Metaphorically speaking imagine alighting a spiritual train, which keeps you in a ‘high energy’ state and takes you to where you want to go next automatically.  Imagine a wise enlightened spiritual being or two being available to answer your every questions and keep your train on its tracks.   It’s not that difficult to organize.   At Living Illumination the train ride begins at its introductory program, The Universal Workshop.  Most of the other amazing opportunities to learn and heal you begin there.  As you follow its enlightened pathways with you in control, you can steer your train to its next exciting station.   Depending on where your state of consciousness is, there are courses at every level of refinement you can take.  You will soon discover what this University of Spiritual Development can offer you.  
Register now for its introductory program, the Universal Workshop on our Events page and let your destiny unfold itself at your own discretion and direction.   Life can be better than you could ever imagine it to be. 
© Kristy Kaye 2017

Turn your life around – start now!

Andrina Smylie - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Turn your life around – start now!
Sashua Benay

Do you want to wake up each day and feel 10 foot-tall and bullet proof?
Sound too good to be true?
There is an efficient and effective way you can change to this way of being as your modus operandi.
Want to know how?
Let’s begin with what.  What would it take for you to feel this way?  Feel positive and enriched by your own wisdom, such that anything that comes your way is dealt with in your stride, conquering with every step, nurturing yourself and benefiting those around you as a natural consequence.
How about a Personal Board of Directors?  Experts you have contracted in every department of your life.  Health, Family, Relationships, Business.  They know your goals, your destiny, your Purpose and every moment of the day, their attention is directed on helping facilitate the steps of your life to that end.  It is like the best team of personal trainers, life coaches, business mentors, counselors and confidents you could ever hope for. But more!
These of course are your Angels.  Spirit Guides that know you intimately. Every talent, flaw, your past and potential – they know you better than you will ever know yourself.
They are with you 24/7.  Waiting for the moments when you engage with them or ask them for help – because without the request, their hands are somewhat tied to engage themselves in any real involvement.  As we all have free will.
Remember there are the other kind of voices too that may want to quell the message of your Angels.  Talk you out of an insight, decision or solution - from fear, doubt or worry.
Have the willpower to consciously quiet these voices of insecurity and start to tune in to the quieter voices that have the genuine message.  A message of reassurance, encouragement and direction.  Those are the voices that pay dividends when we heed their message.
Why? Our Angels are here to guide us through every decision point, roadblock and blank canvass.  Our personal navigators and advisors.  Sharing their unconditional love with you everyday.
You can ask them any question you have ever had about you, your past, present and future to know yourself - the most expedient success factor in living the life you only imagined possible. And up til now, you have barely scratched the surface.
Time to take advantage of this amazing online resource – available to you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.  It will be the best business decision you have ever made – the business of you that is.  And it won’t impact on your data usage!
If you would like to find out who your personal team of Angels are and how to communicate with them - the Living Illumination Universal Workshop provides all the techniques for you to make that part of your reality.
And to refine your communication after the Workshop you may want to follow up with Communication with Guidance.  A great way to expand your communication through techniques and experiences. 
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