Energy realisations of intelligent energy levels that support us individually and the planet.

Andrina Smylie - Monday, February 08, 2016

Energy realisations of intelligent energy levels that support us individually and the planet.

There are different levels of Energy Enlightenment available to us to use for ourselves on a day-to-day basis that enter planet earth at different times. There are actually 16 levels of these energies in a graduating pressure. The more executive the energy the greater its force. If we do not have a high level of awareness we may find that we feel like we are not coping with life during these specific energy times.

How has your month been? If we look at our energy calendar specifically to discern the energy that came in to back us spiritually we can look at how much of the unawareness we lived. Of course this is difficult to assess without some examples.

The big big focus spiritually has been all about Prudent since September 2015.

How does that affect you in your life? In each of your daily activities or opportunities you are aware that you have wisdom and to be prudent in the way you make decisions. If you are living in your feelings and regroup yourself each day you will feel this energy and how it motivates you to follow its course. The more specific personal energy for us to work with was best described as Re-create (recreating). We could interpret it as a month of recreating a better world for ourselves if we look at the type of energy used. You may have your own interpretations as you review your month. Each keyword given to the personal energy has that focus to recreate. As well as this overall energy we have sub energies for specific days.

For example as you began January you had a very business energy called Target. As the celebratory maze of social hit you and the rest of the western world the energy encouraged you not to lose your strong pivot point but to stay on target of your overall goals and business agenda. A great energy for New Year’s goals. If you lost some ground in the previous year, this would help you to Re-create a bigger and bolder focus. This carried you through till the 10th of January. It also would have helped you to Target your real goals for the New Year. Bringing you out of the Christmas maze as tradition tried to rip you back to your past core of comfort zones. It would have assisted you to stay on track.

On the 11th of January the executive energy of Refinement gave you the strength to make changes, refining yourself your environment and everything you were targeting in the previous energy. It would have also made you uncomfortable with your present status quo wanting you to move forward. On the 15th we hit Advancement energy. During this time we ran courses and because of the strong driving forward force of this energy people were able to make incredible advancements in their awareness and enlightenment.

We had many people do some amazing growth in this very short time. On the 27th The very singularly focused energy of a business type called Aim hit the planet keeping people on track with what they need to be focusing on and backing their changes they may be struggling to implement. It is a good energy to overcome overwhelm and also to help Children with their New Year challenges.

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