Independent Living

Andrina Smylie - Friday, May 08, 2015

Philosophy of the Soul

Independent Living

We each are a soul travelling through Planet Earth for a second of time in our eternal clock. Why are we here? Firstly and foremost to heal the trouble we brought with us – which we can translate as tendencies that have perhaps now become ingrained as a habit. For example, we may have a tendency to live pride at the expense of our inner truth. Pride will have us preoccupied with others opinions of our every thought and deed instead of gifting our attention and focus toward ourselves and our spiritual journey this lifetime. Sometimes our cultural tendencies can be adverse to the purpose we have. As we enlighten ourselves we may feel we need to “go against the flow” to establish our spiritual credentials at the expense of pleasing and appeasing others. Some cultures only see the individual person successful if they are in a relationship with someone from the opposite gender even though they may have had 4 or 5 different difficult unsuccessful relationships that are born of this type of confusion of ideas. We may just live our life trying to find “the right one”, and ignore the people we need to cultivate healing with creating huge expectations of ourselves that we find difficult to live up to. We may feel we need to live in the future because the present is not satisfying our “ideals of living life” that we have been “programmed” to believe is the only option we have. When we do this, we are diluting our own unique independent power of self-management. We then further jeopardise our own values by trying to marry the values of another within our own. This does not fit a spiritual journey. The people we have around us are there for a reason. Mostly this opportunity embraces some kind of healing. We need to accept the situation for the powerful healing it can offer us dispelling any unrealistic programmed ideas of how this needs to unfold. In any relationship we need to feel nurtured by it without having to manipulate ourselves to “fit” someone else’s ideal of a perfect partner. An ideal partner is one that can stimulate us and confront us as well as back us to be successful. They can do this by showing us unconditional love. Until we know we are on a solo journey we cannot express our own independence of thought and deed. It matters not what our physical experiences are. It only matters what we tell ourselves. How we manipulate what we feel to fit a partnership, family, state or country. How we allow them to manipulate us, our true values, desires and its consequences. This is the great learning of our Millennium. So if we don’t feel “comfortable” in a relationship, we need to change the rules. Be fearless. As one door closes another always opens. Our angels can help us understand ourselves if we will open the door to be flexible in our expectations of ourselves and others. We need to trust that our soul, which we experience through our feelings, is always in charge of our life and we need to back it in any pursuits on its agenda rather than trying to control it through pursuing what we think we want.
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