My ten steps to enlightenment

Andrina Smylie - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My ten steps to enlightenment

Kristy Kaye

AWAKEN -  Open yourself to change your perspective on just about everything.  
BENEFIT -  Expel any limiting ideas or ideals that only bring you down.  
HEAL YOUR PAST - Find your power.  
COMMIT to your new life by following through on a mission of self-discovery. 
FOLLOW YOUR FEELINGS FIRST! Understand the difference between feelings and emotions. 
GIVE YOURSELF TIME:  Time to meditate on how your life is faring. Carve out of your daily time priorities time for you.  Time to grow! 
REGROUP yourself daily USE KEY WORDS! Learn to respect and nurture your energy to maintain balance. 
DETACH  Unplug yourself from the matrix of life.  
KILL OBLIGATION: If you feel obliged to do things for others your pathway to enlightenment will be challenged with ups and downs. 


In this very large step we begin to realize some profound truths about our life on Planet Earth.  We realize we are caught in a web of programming that just about everyone shares with us.  
For this vital introduction to spiritual enlightenment I highly recommend the Universal Workshop which is the first step to climbing stairs to heaven you never knew existed.  There are so many things you learn and action in the workshop that there is not enough space here to cover it.  


Often we set goals and more goals only to find that we never reach them.  We need to learn more about how our intellect can upstage our pure intentions.  
So many emotional blocks come to inhibit our direction.  
We are usually to some large or small percentage still living our programming from our early life and if it did not include success in the things we are aiming for then it will be difficult to overcome this.  
The first goal is to look at what blocks us.  There is also a blockage profile you can have that opens up a window view on events of the past identifying those obstacles and shows you how you dealt with them in your early life and how they may have shaped you instead of allowing you to live your enlightenment. As you will learn in the workshop this is a one and a half hour consultation that will indeed change your perspective on just about everything.  
The block is identified and dealt with using some very powerful techniques. 


Our past can affect us detrimentally without our being consciously aware of it.  We can feel emotion without knowing why.  There may have been a lot of trauma that we may have forgotten or buried as too big a burden to deal with.  Or alternatively we may just not remember our childhood and since it is the most important chapter in our life it is necessary for us to reveal it as soon as possible to our conscious awareness. With our maturity, we then have little difficulty dealing with it. 
There are many group works available including one that is online that we can begin.  In these sessions we have techniques and other amazing life changing opportunities available to each participant of the group work.  
Group work is for everyone that wants to solidify their early life understandings.


We can only move forward from here by committing to our soul’s reason for being here on Planet Earth to self discover and heal the past.  At first it may feel surreal but once you begin the journey its benefits astound you.  
Your power begins to rise as does your inner authority.  
All of this is achieved through your own energy information.  You begin to download information through your first gift that is vital to your growth.  
This can be greatly facilitated by Living Illumination signature courses Pathways to Enlightenment.  They offer transformational opportunities to those who sincerely wish to change their status quo and quickly climb the stairs to enlightenment.  They step along the levels of consciousness keeping a brisk pace to move us forward when we are ready. 
In these courses people have easy access to information along the lines of consciousness that is individually relevant to them.   Thus the transformation takes place out of this and their own revelations the courses stimulate.  
They begin at the Awakening level on the first set of six pathway courses.  There are other levels that become available after that.  


This is not easy.  Your feelings are your soul and often our fears and programming can make us ignore them lest they get in the way of our ambition.  
Our intellect we can call our thinking nature.  It governs our thoughts.  These thoughts can be easily influenced by others or misplaced ideals if we do not have discernment in our feelings for whether they are truthful or beneficial. By now we have probably trained our intellect to answer any challenges we may have in life even though our feelings may be screaming for us to do something different.  
Our feeling nature works with our sensitivity and senses the truth giving us gut impressions.  We have to listen to our feelings.  That is through using patience to distract our intellect first or wait till it exhausts itself.  
Usually feeling impressions come first.  If we have done a Universal workshop we will be quite far on our journey towards enlightenment.   In the workshop explanations can guide us to our preferred next step.  
Our feelings, the seat of our soul, have to be acknowledged.  To try to make our intellect be our feelings is very dangerous.  One is emotional – our intellectual feelings, which keep us captivated in confused ideas and ideals and the other our true feelings guides us to follow our inner truth.  
It is always easier in the beginning to follow our intellect as a great percentage of people on Planet Earth do every day with reason and explanations to justify it.  
Our feelings know the bigger picture and guide us through the maze of fear we have, to overcome to live an enlightened life.  
If we experience pain it can be the time we use our feelings to navigate our way out of it.  One quick way is to put some pressure on our fingers with one of our fingernails.  This usually produces results and that can help us find our feelings.  
Other ways can be in survival situations or taking a shower or a swim.  Water is a great way to relax and we gain impressions.  There are other more sophisticated ways to reach them.  
Living Illumination has a very technique filled course that helps us to know how our feelings work and how to use them productively.  Use the Events page to discover how to do one of these amazing course


Time is important to us.  Yet most of us waste a lot of it on things that don't give us fulfillment. 
How can you use time more wisely?  
Ask yourself what you are passionate about? 
Begin to shift more of your time into that. 
Make sure it is not being on social media wasting your precious time on trivia.
What is it your present life denies you?  
Ask some meaningful questions about your time.  
Imagine it to be money and find out if you would spend your money on that.  
When you organize your time into priorities you will find that there is a lot more time for you to live your purpose.  
Your purpose is to find out who you are and why you are really here on Planet Earth.  Once you establish that you are ready to do the fun part and that is to live that purpose.  
Don't just do things you are good at, it could be accomplished tasks from a previous lifetime, which no longer inspire you.  Only settle for those things that motivate and impassion you.  
There is always a place you are meant to be.  If there is no energy for where you are, then it is not the right place.  Be loyal to you and follow your dream.  Don't make it be about anybody else as that is false passion.  
Indeed it can send you adrift for much of your lifetime. 
Get back on track and find out what your lone purpose is.  Don't wait for others to get on your bandwagon – it is for you not them.  There is no togetherness when we live as a soul.  We have those people in our life we need from time to time, which include partners.  Not always is everything about being a couple at the expense of what we are meant to do for ourselves, which seems to have a big confused following. 
Love is the outflow of feeling not emotion and is giving that unconditionally without expecting anything back.  The other is not love but interest and that is something very different. 
Living Illumination has a Relationship Course that clarifies the facts of a soul’s intended journey on Planet Earth that inspires us to be loyal to ourselves and follow our own journey. 
In this we also learn how to be kind and of service to others’ journey without expecting from them in return.  It is a beautiful course, which shows the true meaning of love.


Whenever you are baffled by life or people in your life, find a quite space to meditate and when you are relaxed get keywords.  You can do this by writing down the first word that pops into your head.  They may not make sense immediately but persevere and eventually they can become profound when you make a sentence of them. 
Just like our body, our soul needs maintenance.  This can be done through regrouping.   Keywords, Goals and their sentences can be amazing ways to clear your head and release unwanted emotion
One needs to find a quiet place where you are alone.
In this space write down some words that come without thinking.  They do not have to mean anything to you as they are more likely messages from your guidance if they don't.  
When you have one for your day, and one for your goals you can make sentences of both.  Put them together in a small paragraph.  Meditate on them.  
Later in your day come back to them and reassess their meaning.  Use these keywords daily and they will grow into an important part of your daily routine. 


Our biggest challenges in life are our emotions.  These are the feelings of the intellect, which are false feelings.  We already are 90% feelings so when our intellect tries to manufacture them it confuses us and we can feel disconnected from who we really are.  
There are ways to beat this: we can keep cutting from the person or people who are making us feel insecure or angry or any other emotion our intellect has manufactured. 
Our misunderstandings can make us expect people to be a certain way or to do a host of things they may not want to.  We may have been taught to expect instead of accepting people as they are.  We cant change people so it is pointless being disappointed in their actions.  There are more constructive ways to help them. 
This cutting technique along with others is in my book ‘The Constitution of our Soul’, which is available online.  
There are many examples in the book of how our intellect can try to override our feelings.


This is an old religious belief system that has us believing that we owe people in our life our unswerving devotion.  We need to re-evaluate how we do feel about this rather than follow an old worn down track of living for values outside of yourself.
You are never going to be good at this unless it is part of your passion.   Ask yourself:
Does it feels good to live this obligation? 
Are you looking for approval from others?
Are you afraid of others condemnation if you don't?
You believe there will be a punishment if you don't? 
Ask yourself if you have a duty to outside loyalties to authority figures, or something else? 
If these answers are in the affirmative then it is something you are not ready to change or presently you have a situation you cant change.  It may be to wrap up a past life and you are lead to it by your feelings.
If it is in the negative then it may not be in your best interest to continue without first discerning its’ implications.  Each of us has angels and what is right for us is right for everyone.  We maybe meddling in someone’s learning lessons and deprive them of it. 
There are so many ways that obligations not anchored to feelings can hurt our direction and purpose.  
You will kill your potential success in life if you live like this.  You will be tied to the past with no way of severing it.  You are working for an unknown master that is emotionally blackmailing you by stimulating obligation.  This unknown master will probably be a confused soul in your energy making you believe that their words are your confused thoughts. 
Find out the facts!  Your facts!  Register for the Pathway Courses Step one Level one to clarify where you fit with your modus operandi for life.  There are things you will change what you realize their implications.
Living Illumination have six courses in the awakening level which will help you find out everything you need to know about you.  You can then change what doesn't fit your new state of consciousness. 


There is a wise old saying that we like any game we understand the rules of.  The same can be said of life.  We can handle any situation that we understand.  
When we don't understand we can become emotional even angry.  
There is always a bigger picture why to all the circumstances of our life.  Our break ups, deaths, accidents and any kind of unexpected and unwelcome turn of events. 
We have our team of angels rallying for us to find the answers we need for our lifetime purpose to heal, learn and grow.  Often we mistake the drift towards living comfort zones as a priority for the real direction in our life.  
Our angels may have given us countless messages about change but fear or other reasons may have misdirected us.  
When we have those other kind of experiences that we do not expect or want, it is our feelings, our soul part that is to blame.  Our feelings keep going on their chosen path but our intellect may be intent on going somewhere else.  There will be a clash of wills and since our soul is immortal it will always win.  
That is why we must understand that there is a bigger picture perspective that we need to begin to unravel.  
How do we do this?  
We need to align ourselves with our feelings.  Let them talk to us and discover ourselves.   Our feelings are always the bigger picture we are looking for.  
Living Illumination has a series of group work that helps you slowly unravel the mysteries of your feelings v. your emotions.  
It is a weekly event held in three states of Australia and is available online for others who want to discover the benefit of this for themselves.  

© Kristy Kaye 2017
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