Answering the call within

Andrina Smylie - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Answering the call within

Sashua Benay

Did you know you have a voice of wisdom inside?  Created from lifetimes of experiences with all their joys, triumphs, learnings and growth.
Are you listening to its teachings to assist you in your life today?
Would you like to know how to turn up the volume on its foresight and discernment and quiet the voices of doubt?
Well you can.

To Do List:

Start putting yourself on the top of your “To Do” List.  Give you the priority over other activities in your day – when you do, the world around you changes and starts to flow in synchronicity with time and energy to still achieve other tasks.

Plan of Attack:

Resist the temptation to fill your day with automatic responses to its demands.  You will then start to find the pockets of quiet inspiration.
Quiet Moments:
Our inner voice is heard in the quiet moments.  One needs to reign in the distractions, also the lures to comfort zones, or being distracted by others’ “important” agendas, and start to challenge your space to include you.


Stay in the present aware of your environment and avoid the places of fantasy our mind can wonder to.  We need to action the insights as this wisdom dictates.
Persistence and patience pays off.  Every investment in you will take you one step closer to some inspiring answers that you may not have dared to have questioned before.


Our voice within is dying to share.  Listen and explore what it has to say.  Give it opportunity and show yourself how sincere you are in your pursuit of being you. Discovering all the beauty, talent, joy and wisdom that resides within from lifetimes of experiences.
When you open your communication to your inner voice the possibilities to learn, heal and grow start to become your new reality.  It’s exciting, revealing and a special opportunity to get to know you.  Isn’t it time to start?
The Living Illumination Universal Workshops shares with you techniques to assist you in cleansing your energy so you can hear this magnificent resource within.  Learn energy techniques to deal with interference that dilutes the precious messages and open you to the free flowing insights available to you 24/7.These strategies are the offer of a lifetime!  Embrace the possibilities of a new life and register now for the Universal Workshop in a city near you on the events page of this Living Illumination Website.

Fast Track to Energy Central

Andrina Smylie - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fast Track to Energy Central
Sashua Benay
Do you have the desire to feel vital and full of energy everyday?  Wake up with good intentions to do just that, but find the demands of the day quickly deplete your supply? It’s easy to explain this one away.  You might say to yourself you know the answer and solution… it’s the demands of my business, it’s the needs of the kids, its because my iron levels are down.  All I have to do is prioritise my time better, get up an hour earlier every day.  Whilst these and whatever your version of these are contributing factors, there is a bigger picture.
What if there were a whole part of the your life, in fact, the key essence for being here, that you were just not paying any attention to and that could be the very answer to your life long conundrum?  That would have the greatest impact on the major things that ail you in the wee hours?  Health.  Wealth.  Relationships.  Inner Peace..  That could change your existence faster than any other solution? Would you be willing to know more? The Answer is:  The Big Picture of Your Energy.
Our energy is one of the least understood or at the very least, underestimated, phenomenon.  Our energy is the essence of who we truly are.  Our Soul Part.  Our feeling nature that connects us to all that we have been, our wisdom from past lives through eternity – a wealth of information that is an enviable library to any seeker of truth.  It gives us connection to the extraordinary beings that are our Angels.   There to guide us every day through the pitfalls, turns and crossroads of our sojourn.  They can help us access this wisdom of lifetimes, to use in our everyday life now.
These days most solutions point to:
Eating right   Exercise   Meditation   Mindfulness   Positive affirmations Which are all very positive and contributing elements of our energy’s vitality.  But for these steps to be truly effective, to maximise the effort that goes into them, if you truly want to fast track your energy reserve to be full and abundant, there is a better way.
Understanding your energy, that is your soul part, the essence of you without a body, your history, your destiny and how your energy vibrates uniquely to others - is the best kept secret on the Planet.  And it is the key that holds the answers to all the questions you have ever had. So how do we get to know our energy?
Step 1:  Awaken to the fact that you are a Soul!
That word is used a lot.  But have you felt what it truly means?  Can you let go of every concept that attaches you to this lifetime, feel all your past lives and know the intimate detail of your immediate future?  I’m guessing the answer is No.  But there are techniques you can use to start unfolding this magnificent universe that is you.  Here are some ways you can begin:
Step 2:  Awaken the Ambition to Know Yourself - Truly
You may think you know yourself and perhaps even a little of what you have come to do, but the parts that most people allow themselves to see and feel are a drop in your magnificent ocean.  Once you have to that true desire, now you can expand on it.
Step 3: Action - Get yourself 3 keywords and turn them into sentences each day.
Write these sentences without thinking about what they are going to say and make sure they are about you – how you are feeling.  Be honest with how you feel with yourself.  Throughout the day, keep the awareness of these words and amend your actions to fit their message where it feels right for you.
Step 4:  Feel Achievement through Reflection
At the end of the day, get out your sentences and read them, reflecting on the parts of your day that were relevant to them, and what were you learning about yourself.  Your limitations, fears, accomplishments and fulfilments, It’s the quiet moments where we will be able to hear these answers and it doesn’t have to take long.  Resolve to change that which no longer fits the new you.  The person you want to become.  Within a very short time through making these changes you will feel the achievement of your changes within and it will show in your energy levels and be reflected in your environment.
Step 5:  Advancement through Changing Our Inner Dialogue
Our inner dialogue can shape our identity.  How we talk with ourselves can be the most uplifting or similarly draining experience – depending on the language.  By regrouping how we feel about ourselves and our life through our keyword sentences, we can start to identify our inner dialogue.  Whose voice is in our head? Is it a message we want to heed?  Consciously change it from limiting and fear driven to self-supportive and even bold!
Step 6:  Acknowledgement
Where do the answers come from?  You have an incredible wisdom inside you that is waiting to burst out from lifetimes of experiences and learning’s.  Acknowledge that there is much more to you than you have yet unfolded and that your inner voice deserves to be heard!
Step 7:  The Fast Track
If you want to truly accelerate your self to enjoy high energy reserves, with insights and inner direction to conquer every day with joy, there is another key element to remember and engage with.  You have an incredible personal team of Angels.  Guides who are with you every moment of every day, waiting for the moments they can drop in the insight or assist in directing the traffic in your life – to benefit you.  The big question is:  Are you listening?  If not, see Step 1 !! Listening to their messages can hold the key to fast tracking the omnipotent resource that is your energy.  Employing these steps can start to change the dynamics of your life.  You can move in synchronicity with the events that are energised for you each day.  Each pocket of time can feel inspired and vital.  You can be flowing in your river with a cleansing current washing over you, rejuvenating you throughout your day.  Mountains can be made into molehills, easily conquered with exponential results.  If your every day doesn’t feel like this, there are two key steps you can take to change it: The starting point is the Universal Workshop where you learn who your Angels are and how to communicate, opening yourself to a bigger picture of the journey of being a soul on planet earth.   Then to really fast track your energy, there are the Pathways A Courses – a series of 6 levels: Awakening Ambition Action Achievement Advancement Acknowledgement They will open you to insights and healings that will Fast Track you to Energy Central – energising your journey exponentially.  They can bring about profound change in your outlook on life, business, relationships, health and more. Discover yourself in every page of this website and feel which step is the first one you can make in the most important thing you are hear to do this lifetime.  To know Yourself and Live You Absolutely.

The Pitfalls of Fixed Pictures about People Stuck In Time

Andrina Smylie - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

“I’m on my way from misery to happiness today, aha, aha, aha”

The Pitfalls of Fixed Pictures about People Stuck In Time

Sue Mazur

I awoke today (thank you angels) with the tune playing in my head “I’m on my way from to misery to happiness today, aha, aha, aha” from the song “I’m On My Way” by The Proclaimers – do you know that song? It’s remarkably catchy.

I looked up the lyrics (ok, I confess, I usually sing the chorus only), to find out what was the message. Pretty simple – I’m on my way. I haven’t arrived yet, but I’m not the person I was and I am evolving into the person I am meant to be. There has been a path of awareness and insights, developing forgiveness and benevolence for myself and others, a commitment to discovering and changing habits and tendencies that have been flaws in my energy. I gave myself a little self-acknowledgement and pat on the back.

This heightened the day and my interactions and observations with people I engaged with (seriously, thank you angels). Later in the day I engaged with someone who shared a highly critical opinion about someone we both knew that was not my experience. I was fascinated to find out that this person had formed that opinion about an incident that happened almost 20 years ago and had not moved on, nor recognised that that person had grown and changed. It really was stuck energy.

Have you ever found yourself with an opinion about someone (either positive or negative) that you formed a long time ago, and if you are truthful, you are sort of ‘fixed’ with that picture? Have you challenged beliefs that you formed 10, 20, 30 or more years ago? 

As adults, often our perception of love comes from our own childhood and how we experienced people when we were just feelings in our first seven years. If you had a mother that adored, flattered and catered to you, you may have expectations that this is normal when you get married. You push away a woman who is asking for mutual respect, truthfulness and responsibility. If your father was absent earning money, you may think that is normal also and push away a man who is giving you too much loving attention because that is not love as you know it. If your sister was a bully, you may form a distrust of females. If your brother, the same. You may form an opinion that these out of balance experiences are the norm for you. As you move into the cycle of 7-14 and 14-21 you move into your intellect and have more experiences with teachers, step parents, bosses, loved ones and others. 

 You can carry these assumptions and expectations into your adult life and ‘lead’ your life from this pivot, judging, experiencing and attracting others through this filter. Most people support the idea of wanting to belong and often a fairytale is created which promotes confused ideas and ideals – and this desire for belonging can create a ‘fixed picture’ of others. The bad father, the bad step-parent, the good mother, the critical boss or teacher.

What if it wasn’t true? What if it was no longer true?

We awaken.
We evolve.
You change.
People change.

If you don’t check the veracity of your opinions and experiences, and hold onto a ‘fixed picture’ stuck in time about a person or experience, you can operate your adult lives from a child’s perspective. Our intellect delights in being right, however if you are living from the direction of your intellect you will have trouble discerning where things fit for you. You may have your values upside down. You may not have any idea why you are here on Planet Earth. 

Every secret you desire to uncover you can find the answers for within you, using your power and your deliberation, with you in control. Even the facts of your childhood. Finding out how to, and committing to, working from the depth of your inner knowledge (your feelings), rather than your intellect can illuminate your inner truth. It is pivotal information to live inner peace in everyone moment of your life.

The pitfalls are living a life of judgment, instead of discernment; caught and committed to a fantasy that does not bring fulfilment; or worse, not evolving as a soul.

Do the work. As Nike famously branded “Just Do It”.

“I’m on my way,
  I’m on my way....

For Spiritual Courses to Heal Learn and Grow, go to
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Winging It Without the Facts

Andrina Smylie - Wednesday, June 28, 2017
“Winging It Without the Facts”
The Pitfalls of Not Discerning the What, When, Where and Why
Sue Mazur
The webinar was about a new product launch, what appeared to be a great idea. As I listened, the questions from the participants came flooding in, the risks, possibility for disputes and legal liability unfolded and confusion reigned. In the end it was stated that a lot of the issues had not been thought of so it would need to be worked out along the way even though it had been launched – sorry about that – but can you please act on an expected loyalty basis and go forth and sell, sell, sell....
Now I’m all for ideas and change and love collaboration and consultation. I love velocity with ideas and action. I love the process of checking the veracity of proposals and weeding our misperceptions, false assumptions so we have a solid ground to move on. However, launching a product without discerning all the facts - the What, When, Where and Why makes me very uncomfortable. In my view in Australia, we have one of the most highly regulated business environments on the planet, but the upside of that, is it forces you to gather all the facts, starting with a solid “Why” of what you are doing and who will benefit, discern a clear purpose and path, look at and address the risks and come up with a solid plan for success. The pitfalls if you don’t are that you will possibly meet litigation, failure or disrepute – or at the very least, waste valuable time for yourself and others.
It made me wonder how often do we have an idea and proceed in life without discerning the facts for ourselves – not just in business – but in all our experiences? Have you ever joined in on something or with someone, to find out years later there you did not experience the fulfilment you had anticipated and you’ve wasted years and years?
So how do we avoid these pitfalls? How do we develop foresight? The reality is, whenever you feel anxious about a decision that you need to make, it will be because you do not have all the relevant information (the facts of the What, When, Where and Why) necessary to induce relaxed and peaceful deliberation. Being factual keeps us solution oriented. Without the facts deception and fantasy can render us confused, anxious and inevitably emotional. This never works out well!
Acknowledging and respecting that each of us has our own resource of wisdom (although we may not at this moment be in contact with it) is the first step. It is crucial that you are in the driver’s seat of your life, choosing the pathways that you wish to take. Our inner truth is a great driving force to carry us on our own unique life adventure. All of us are amazing unique souls, with unlimited potential.
The universe opens the curtain for those of us with the right intentions, are in their truth, and are committed to being of benefit to others. If at anytime we choose to be opportunistic, we will be denied insights and discernment. In these circumstances, if we persist, we will be working with the negative energy and not Spirit, which will possibly give us misleading visual or auditory impressions and bad experiences.
The solution is to become aware of and learn to use our two natures, one we feel with (our feeling nature) and one we think with (our intellect). When we tune into our feeling nature – that part of us that is limitless, boundless and immortal that gives us access to the wisdom of our experiences – past and present. It is where our inner truth and discernment live and from where our unique vibration seeks out the echo of what is good for our soul’s path and purpose. It is from this part we get the “Why” of what we are doing. When we have that, we have a strong impression of knowing our path or involvement, and then we can engage our intellect to gather the fact to make it a success.
Too often we simply do it the other way around, convince ourselves we are right in our initial decision to take a path, wing it along the way and work tirelessly to make it work, and then when it doesn’t work as expected wonder “Why” we wasted our time.

The secret to success: Get the”Why” the right way around! For Courses on Getting the “Why”  go to Not for print but reference: Picture: Big Bold Branding from purchased licensed images for blog purpose.

70,000 Thoughts!

Andrina Smylie - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

70,000 Thoughts!

Are your thoughts driving you crazy? Go to your sixth sense!

Leiza Mosley

I can hear the song, you spin me right round, like a record, round round….  That can be our thoughts going round and round in our mind.  We have around 70,000 thoughts a day – so where do they come from and what do we do with them?

Our thoughts are generally either in:
the past – trying to analyse and make sense of it, or 
the future – full of expectations.  

By bringing thoughts into the present, you can clarify and manage them so you can then take actions to make the changes necessary to improve your well-being.  
If you have a feeling for every thought and a thought for every feeling then it’s the potency of these messages (which accounts for around 80 impressions a day) that you can use to direct your life.
Your inner voice  - that sixth sense feeling that resonates with you so strongly you know it is right for you -speaks to you generally in one of four ways, you may have:
a deep sense of knowing; 
form pictures;
keywords or a song; or
have a solid gut feeling.  

When your sixth sense backs up your thought then you know you can trust that it is in your best interest to pay attention to it and work with it.
Other thoughts may come from our programming.  Parental or environmental influences, particularly those formed in our first seven years that we have adopted and have built into our belief systems.  These need conscious awareness of so you can determine whether they fit with you or need to be moved out and no longer regarded.  Mindfulness or meditation can help with this.

Thoughts, particularly negative ones as well as emotions can also influence us by souls that have passed on and did not connect to Source.  These souls are trapped in confusion.  They can make us feel angry, anxious, belligerent, bullying, competitive or safe in our comfort zones.  They may have been loved ones in past lifetimes and now are attracted to our energy and affect us in this way.

You can get instant relief from this type of energy through a Trance Healing Table or gain a greater understanding at an Astro Soul Travel Workshop.  Check out our Events Page to see where there is one near you. 

Don't let your fear define you.

Andrina Smylie - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Don't let your fear define you.  
Create your own destiny! 

 Many of us feel unable to move forward because of fear.  Ask yourself what is your fear?  
Though sometimes even the fear is unable to be identified.  
How is your Loyalty to yourself?  A bit challenged?
We can live a fear of authority figures and allow this to rule our life and our decisions.  This can in turn modify our behavior to ‘fit in’ in an effort to avoid feeling ostracised or rejected for being who we are. 
We may put all our energy into assuring that our every action or inaction meets with approval, and that our opinions are acceptable.   We can feel wounded if we are still rejected after our efforts to ‘fit in’.  
Somewhere in our early life we may have copied one of our parents displaying these characteristics.  As many people are affected by this kind of thinking, it is easy to become a victim of it.  These are all old religious concepts of good and bad, right and wrong that the culture of our societies can be made up from.  Unfortunately they can turn us into someone indecisive and powerless.  
Not only can you turn this around, but you can create a new destiny by bringing up your power: 
Everything that affects us begins and ends in our Internal Dialogue.  Thoughts are powerful like arrows and they affect everyone around them.  When they are negative they can add an underlay of confusion to an otherwise buoyant space.  When they are positive they can enlighten us and those around us in an inspiring way.  
Can you afford to engage in negative thinking?
If we do we can find ourselves spiraling downwards into a well of confused thoughts and actions.  We can feel depressed and entertain a sense of hopelessness as we fail to discipline our thoughts.  
How do we break this cycle? 
 We need to learn about how our energy centres affect us.  These chakras define our energy into specific understandings, which as you can imagine are vital to our spiritual and physical fitness. They respond to the negative or positive situations we find ourselves in.  It can be in a positive enhancing situation where our energy expands and regroups or a negative diminishing one where our energy affects our joyful outlook on life.  
When we have misunderstandings they affect these seven spiritual chakras, which is where the energy comes from the universe to us and is our life force which assures the continuity of our life on planet earth.   Each of the Chakras affect different parts of our body which is why we can suffer illness. 
If one of them is affected adversely different parts of our body will come under stress as this energy is choked by confused souls who are the only ones to benefit and will try to heighten and maintain our misunderstandings to steal our energy.  
Begin to take control of our lives: 
“Thoughts rule our world”!
This is true.  We need to balance our thoughts with positive action oriented feelings.  Solutions instead need to rule our world.  We can’t have a problem without also having its solution.  Many of the ways we bring ourselves undone is through not being patient enough to get the facts.  Never fear them, as they are your best friends in every situation.  
Living Illumination has a profile that can fit every situation of unease you encounter.

 The Chakra Profile 

 This profile brings you an in-depth study of any emotional disturbances in your chakras. It can help you maintain a high energy level with techniques to build and repair the energy.   
With consistency these techniques can change negative thoughts patterns permanently as well as educating you about the kind of misunderstandings that created any clouding of your chakras.   
Its maintenance program can change your perspective and give you energy uplifts whenever you need them.
This is a simple yet powerful tool to clear the blocks to your joy of life, and forge a healthy constitution in its reflection.  Reclaim what is rightfully yours – your energy in its totality.
Book now for a Chakra Profile by emailing Living Illumination on or call 1300 718 257 

© Kristy Kaye 2017

My ten steps to enlightenment

Andrina Smylie - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My ten steps to enlightenment

Kristy Kaye

AWAKEN -  Open yourself to change your perspective on just about everything.  
BENEFIT -  Expel any limiting ideas or ideals that only bring you down.  
HEAL YOUR PAST - Find your power.  
COMMIT to your new life by following through on a mission of self-discovery. 
FOLLOW YOUR FEELINGS FIRST! Understand the difference between feelings and emotions. 
GIVE YOURSELF TIME:  Time to meditate on how your life is faring. Carve out of your daily time priorities time for you.  Time to grow! 
REGROUP yourself daily USE KEY WORDS! Learn to respect and nurture your energy to maintain balance. 
DETACH  Unplug yourself from the matrix of life.  
KILL OBLIGATION: If you feel obliged to do things for others your pathway to enlightenment will be challenged with ups and downs. 


In this very large step we begin to realize some profound truths about our life on Planet Earth.  We realize we are caught in a web of programming that just about everyone shares with us.  
For this vital introduction to spiritual enlightenment I highly recommend the Universal Workshop which is the first step to climbing stairs to heaven you never knew existed.  There are so many things you learn and action in the workshop that there is not enough space here to cover it.  


Often we set goals and more goals only to find that we never reach them.  We need to learn more about how our intellect can upstage our pure intentions.  
So many emotional blocks come to inhibit our direction.  
We are usually to some large or small percentage still living our programming from our early life and if it did not include success in the things we are aiming for then it will be difficult to overcome this.  
The first goal is to look at what blocks us.  There is also a blockage profile you can have that opens up a window view on events of the past identifying those obstacles and shows you how you dealt with them in your early life and how they may have shaped you instead of allowing you to live your enlightenment. As you will learn in the workshop this is a one and a half hour consultation that will indeed change your perspective on just about everything.  
The block is identified and dealt with using some very powerful techniques. 


Our past can affect us detrimentally without our being consciously aware of it.  We can feel emotion without knowing why.  There may have been a lot of trauma that we may have forgotten or buried as too big a burden to deal with.  Or alternatively we may just not remember our childhood and since it is the most important chapter in our life it is necessary for us to reveal it as soon as possible to our conscious awareness. With our maturity, we then have little difficulty dealing with it. 
There are many group works available including one that is online that we can begin.  In these sessions we have techniques and other amazing life changing opportunities available to each participant of the group work.  
Group work is for everyone that wants to solidify their early life understandings.


We can only move forward from here by committing to our soul’s reason for being here on Planet Earth to self discover and heal the past.  At first it may feel surreal but once you begin the journey its benefits astound you.  
Your power begins to rise as does your inner authority.  
All of this is achieved through your own energy information.  You begin to download information through your first gift that is vital to your growth.  
This can be greatly facilitated by Living Illumination signature courses Pathways to Enlightenment.  They offer transformational opportunities to those who sincerely wish to change their status quo and quickly climb the stairs to enlightenment.  They step along the levels of consciousness keeping a brisk pace to move us forward when we are ready. 
In these courses people have easy access to information along the lines of consciousness that is individually relevant to them.   Thus the transformation takes place out of this and their own revelations the courses stimulate.  
They begin at the Awakening level on the first set of six pathway courses.  There are other levels that become available after that.  


This is not easy.  Your feelings are your soul and often our fears and programming can make us ignore them lest they get in the way of our ambition.  
Our intellect we can call our thinking nature.  It governs our thoughts.  These thoughts can be easily influenced by others or misplaced ideals if we do not have discernment in our feelings for whether they are truthful or beneficial. By now we have probably trained our intellect to answer any challenges we may have in life even though our feelings may be screaming for us to do something different.  
Our feeling nature works with our sensitivity and senses the truth giving us gut impressions.  We have to listen to our feelings.  That is through using patience to distract our intellect first or wait till it exhausts itself.  
Usually feeling impressions come first.  If we have done a Universal workshop we will be quite far on our journey towards enlightenment.   In the workshop explanations can guide us to our preferred next step.  
Our feelings, the seat of our soul, have to be acknowledged.  To try to make our intellect be our feelings is very dangerous.  One is emotional – our intellectual feelings, which keep us captivated in confused ideas and ideals and the other our true feelings guides us to follow our inner truth.  
It is always easier in the beginning to follow our intellect as a great percentage of people on Planet Earth do every day with reason and explanations to justify it.  
Our feelings know the bigger picture and guide us through the maze of fear we have, to overcome to live an enlightened life.  
If we experience pain it can be the time we use our feelings to navigate our way out of it.  One quick way is to put some pressure on our fingers with one of our fingernails.  This usually produces results and that can help us find our feelings.  
Other ways can be in survival situations or taking a shower or a swim.  Water is a great way to relax and we gain impressions.  There are other more sophisticated ways to reach them.  
Living Illumination has a very technique filled course that helps us to know how our feelings work and how to use them productively.  Use the Events page to discover how to do one of these amazing course


Time is important to us.  Yet most of us waste a lot of it on things that don't give us fulfillment. 
How can you use time more wisely?  
Ask yourself what you are passionate about? 
Begin to shift more of your time into that. 
Make sure it is not being on social media wasting your precious time on trivia.
What is it your present life denies you?  
Ask some meaningful questions about your time.  
Imagine it to be money and find out if you would spend your money on that.  
When you organize your time into priorities you will find that there is a lot more time for you to live your purpose.  
Your purpose is to find out who you are and why you are really here on Planet Earth.  Once you establish that you are ready to do the fun part and that is to live that purpose.  
Don't just do things you are good at, it could be accomplished tasks from a previous lifetime, which no longer inspire you.  Only settle for those things that motivate and impassion you.  
There is always a place you are meant to be.  If there is no energy for where you are, then it is not the right place.  Be loyal to you and follow your dream.  Don't make it be about anybody else as that is false passion.  
Indeed it can send you adrift for much of your lifetime. 
Get back on track and find out what your lone purpose is.  Don't wait for others to get on your bandwagon – it is for you not them.  There is no togetherness when we live as a soul.  We have those people in our life we need from time to time, which include partners.  Not always is everything about being a couple at the expense of what we are meant to do for ourselves, which seems to have a big confused following. 
Love is the outflow of feeling not emotion and is giving that unconditionally without expecting anything back.  The other is not love but interest and that is something very different. 
Living Illumination has a Relationship Course that clarifies the facts of a soul’s intended journey on Planet Earth that inspires us to be loyal to ourselves and follow our own journey. 
In this we also learn how to be kind and of service to others’ journey without expecting from them in return.  It is a beautiful course, which shows the true meaning of love.


Whenever you are baffled by life or people in your life, find a quite space to meditate and when you are relaxed get keywords.  You can do this by writing down the first word that pops into your head.  They may not make sense immediately but persevere and eventually they can become profound when you make a sentence of them. 
Just like our body, our soul needs maintenance.  This can be done through regrouping.   Keywords, Goals and their sentences can be amazing ways to clear your head and release unwanted emotion
One needs to find a quiet place where you are alone.
In this space write down some words that come without thinking.  They do not have to mean anything to you as they are more likely messages from your guidance if they don't.  
When you have one for your day, and one for your goals you can make sentences of both.  Put them together in a small paragraph.  Meditate on them.  
Later in your day come back to them and reassess their meaning.  Use these keywords daily and they will grow into an important part of your daily routine. 


Our biggest challenges in life are our emotions.  These are the feelings of the intellect, which are false feelings.  We already are 90% feelings so when our intellect tries to manufacture them it confuses us and we can feel disconnected from who we really are.  
There are ways to beat this: we can keep cutting from the person or people who are making us feel insecure or angry or any other emotion our intellect has manufactured. 
Our misunderstandings can make us expect people to be a certain way or to do a host of things they may not want to.  We may have been taught to expect instead of accepting people as they are.  We cant change people so it is pointless being disappointed in their actions.  There are more constructive ways to help them. 
This cutting technique along with others is in my book ‘The Constitution of our Soul’, which is available online.  
There are many examples in the book of how our intellect can try to override our feelings.


This is an old religious belief system that has us believing that we owe people in our life our unswerving devotion.  We need to re-evaluate how we do feel about this rather than follow an old worn down track of living for values outside of yourself.
You are never going to be good at this unless it is part of your passion.   Ask yourself:
Does it feels good to live this obligation? 
Are you looking for approval from others?
Are you afraid of others condemnation if you don't?
You believe there will be a punishment if you don't? 
Ask yourself if you have a duty to outside loyalties to authority figures, or something else? 
If these answers are in the affirmative then it is something you are not ready to change or presently you have a situation you cant change.  It may be to wrap up a past life and you are lead to it by your feelings.
If it is in the negative then it may not be in your best interest to continue without first discerning its’ implications.  Each of us has angels and what is right for us is right for everyone.  We maybe meddling in someone’s learning lessons and deprive them of it. 
There are so many ways that obligations not anchored to feelings can hurt our direction and purpose.  
You will kill your potential success in life if you live like this.  You will be tied to the past with no way of severing it.  You are working for an unknown master that is emotionally blackmailing you by stimulating obligation.  This unknown master will probably be a confused soul in your energy making you believe that their words are your confused thoughts. 
Find out the facts!  Your facts!  Register for the Pathway Courses Step one Level one to clarify where you fit with your modus operandi for life.  There are things you will change what you realize their implications.
Living Illumination have six courses in the awakening level which will help you find out everything you need to know about you.  You can then change what doesn't fit your new state of consciousness. 


There is a wise old saying that we like any game we understand the rules of.  The same can be said of life.  We can handle any situation that we understand.  
When we don't understand we can become emotional even angry.  
There is always a bigger picture why to all the circumstances of our life.  Our break ups, deaths, accidents and any kind of unexpected and unwelcome turn of events. 
We have our team of angels rallying for us to find the answers we need for our lifetime purpose to heal, learn and grow.  Often we mistake the drift towards living comfort zones as a priority for the real direction in our life.  
Our angels may have given us countless messages about change but fear or other reasons may have misdirected us.  
When we have those other kind of experiences that we do not expect or want, it is our feelings, our soul part that is to blame.  Our feelings keep going on their chosen path but our intellect may be intent on going somewhere else.  There will be a clash of wills and since our soul is immortal it will always win.  
That is why we must understand that there is a bigger picture perspective that we need to begin to unravel.  
How do we do this?  
We need to align ourselves with our feelings.  Let them talk to us and discover ourselves.   Our feelings are always the bigger picture we are looking for.  
Living Illumination has a series of group work that helps you slowly unravel the mysteries of your feelings v. your emotions.  
It is a weekly event held in three states of Australia and is available online for others who want to discover the benefit of this for themselves.  

© Kristy Kaye 2017


Andrina Smylie - Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Meditation is an ancient Asian practice and alternative form of therapy. Basically, it is a “science of the mind”. People who meditate do so to train the mind or stimulate the mind to a specific conscious mode, in order to realize some benefit or for the mind to acknowledge its contents in a disinterested way. Some people also meditate for leisure. Its origins can be traced back to the 1st century B.C.E. in early Indian Buddhism. In general, the term meditation describes a wide range of practices that comprises of methods fashioned to enhance internal energy or life force and develop one's virtues.

The Soothing Effects of Meditation

 Meditation has a soothing effect; it navigates one’s consciousness in an inward direction until a state of wholesome awareness is achieved. While meditation could mean different things in different contexts, there is one function it has, that cuts through all of its variants. It simply promotes spiritual well-being. In Jainism, an ancient Indian tradition, meditation is a very important religious practice. They believe deep meditation is the way to attain to total enlightenment—and a path to salvation.

In Buddhism, core meditative practices are originally associated with its religious and philosophical doctrines. Similarly with the Jains, Buddhists seek after meditation as a path toward enlightenment or what they call nirvana.

Wisdom Through Meditation

In Buddhism, two principal spiritual qualities are believed to emanate from the wholesome practice of meditation:

Tranquillity or Serenity

This is said to stabilize the mind and give it composure. It also gives the mind unity and the ability to focus.


This enables vision, discernment and exploration of phenomena. 

It is believed that through the meditative development of serenity, one is able to let go of vague hindrances. It is with the release of these hindrances through the meditative development of insight that one achieves liberating wisdom.

In present day, many people practice yoga. Yoga is a physical activity that yogis do in preparation for meditation. However, the kind of meditation done in yoga has an essence connected with the exercise itself. Meditation attained in Yoga is seen as a natural awakening of ones pure energy, which initiates a bonding of the individual soul (Atman) and the universal spirit (Paramatman). The spiritual and physical indications of this state are clearly defined:

  • The body is cured of diseases
  • The mind is at peace and in a state of rest with no thoughts 
  • A stream of ambrosia is poured into the body of the yogi, followed by a euphoric feeling or great ecstasy.

The uses of meditation may originally be for spiritual purposes, the art has filtered through cultures and permeated into the West. Theosophist meditation has been embraced by some religious and spiritual movements. Also, psychotherapists and counsellors have adopted it in the treatment of some medical conditions. It is sometimes prescribed in the alleviation of daily stress, and mental and muscular relaxation. The approach may not be holistic, but it is used in combination with other behavioral techniques.

Now, without having spiritual inclinations, anyone can enjoy the benefits of meditation. Everyone is capable of meditating. But let us begin by making some clarifications. As Vietnamese monk Nhat Hanh states: 

“Meditation is not to escape from society, but to come back to ourselves and see what is going on. Once there is seeing, there must be acting. With mindfulness, we know what to do and what not to do to help.”

Simply put, meditation is not a way of escaping out personal and societal problems. Instead, it is a medium through which we can find ways to help ourselves and the world. Learning how to meditate will give us the ability to remove negativity from our world. 

In philosophy and religion, the ultimate goal of meditation is the attainment to enlightenment. It is an approach towards energy realization the realization of the true nature of one’s mind. By practicing it, we can draw into our consciousness and have a full grasp on how to navigate our minds towards positivism. We then can start to approach things positively. The implication of this is that, we will start to experience physical, spiritual, mental and emotional changes that will certainly make us become better persons.

However, achieving enlightenment and complete wellness of the soul may not be an easy task. While some immediate physical effects may be evident in a short time of practicing, the core benefits which are spiritual take a lot of practice, discipline and adherence to the principles of meditation.

Living Illumination has a movement of meditation called transcendental.  there are series of courses beginning at the awakening level to set the practice of meditation.  This type of of meditation is excellent for those with a busy head who find it difficult to operate from their feelings.  

These courses direct the participants to a follow their feelings and heal the voices that create separations from their inner self. See our Meditation page for more information

Energy realisations of intelligent energy levels that support us individually and the planet.

Andrina Smylie - Monday, February 08, 2016

Energy realisations of intelligent energy levels that support us individually and the planet.

There are different levels of Energy Enlightenment available to us to use for ourselves on a day-to-day basis that enter planet earth at different times. There are actually 16 levels of these energies in a graduating pressure. The more executive the energy the greater its force. If we do not have a high level of awareness we may find that we feel like we are not coping with life during these specific energy times.

How has your month been? If we look at our energy calendar specifically to discern the energy that came in to back us spiritually we can look at how much of the unawareness we lived. Of course this is difficult to assess without some examples.

The big big focus spiritually has been all about Prudent since September 2015.

How does that affect you in your life? In each of your daily activities or opportunities you are aware that you have wisdom and to be prudent in the way you make decisions. If you are living in your feelings and regroup yourself each day you will feel this energy and how it motivates you to follow its course. The more specific personal energy for us to work with was best described as Re-create (recreating). We could interpret it as a month of recreating a better world for ourselves if we look at the type of energy used. You may have your own interpretations as you review your month. Each keyword given to the personal energy has that focus to recreate. As well as this overall energy we have sub energies for specific days.

For example as you began January you had a very business energy called Target. As the celebratory maze of social hit you and the rest of the western world the energy encouraged you not to lose your strong pivot point but to stay on target of your overall goals and business agenda. A great energy for New Year’s goals. If you lost some ground in the previous year, this would help you to Re-create a bigger and bolder focus. This carried you through till the 10th of January. It also would have helped you to Target your real goals for the New Year. Bringing you out of the Christmas maze as tradition tried to rip you back to your past core of comfort zones. It would have assisted you to stay on track.

On the 11th of January the executive energy of Refinement gave you the strength to make changes, refining yourself your environment and everything you were targeting in the previous energy. It would have also made you uncomfortable with your present status quo wanting you to move forward. On the 15th we hit Advancement energy. During this time we ran courses and because of the strong driving forward force of this energy people were able to make incredible advancements in their awareness and enlightenment.

We had many people do some amazing growth in this very short time. On the 27th The very singularly focused energy of a business type called Aim hit the planet keeping people on track with what they need to be focusing on and backing their changes they may be struggling to implement. It is a good energy to overcome overwhelm and also to help Children with their New Year challenges.

© Living illumination 2012

Stop. Listen.

Andrina Smylie - Friday, May 08, 2015
What is your soul saying? Get spiritually fit.