Top 7 Tips To Overcome Depression

Andrina Smylie - Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Overcoming Depression

At one point in life, we've suffered depression; though in varying degrees. You can be depressed for various reasons such as injured self-esteem, loss of a job, a failed relationship and education, amongst many others. But this should only last for a short while. If the situations seem to escalate, then it will become a severe psychological illness that’s difficult to treat. 

How to Overcome and Fight Depression

Depression is a common medical disease, and many people never see it until things are out of hand. If you start experiencing hopelessness, helplessness, intense sadness or worthlessness, your situation could be getting worse. Note that this is one of the most difficult conditions to treat as the causes and symptoms vary from patients. But as a psychological disorder, there are things that you can do to overcome depression:

  • Practicing Mindfulness

One of the main causes of depression is negative thinking. It has been observed that a depressed mind tends to worry unnecessarily and most of the time thinking about negative possibilities. The condition mostly affects people faced with a serious situation such as being terminally ill or having someone close to you who is critically ill. The cycle of the negative thoughts is what escalates to severe symptoms. Practising mindfulness involves thinking about the present moment and helps erase the bad memories responsible for causing your mental misery. 

  • Exercise

Depressed people tend to confine themselves, and this helps in escalating the symptoms. You need to get distracted so as to break the chain of worrying thoughts. Exercising is a great emotion fighter. Having regular exercise does not only come with health benefits but also raises your mood. It keeps you distracted from focusing in your sadness and also releases endorphins which are proven to make you feel better.  For great results, you can aim for at least a 30-minute workout daily. This does not only mean running, but also bike riding, walking, skating, yoga, and swimming amongst many others.

Exercise and Music Against Depression

  • Distract yourself

If you keep on going over and over your feelings of sadness, this will not only worsen the situation but also hinder recovery. Look out for enjoyable things to do even if you don’t feel like it. This may include taking a walk, playing with your pet, taking an art class, or interacting with a friend or loved ones. By keeping yourself busy with anything that takes away worries and fears off your mind, this is the most successful way to overcome depression.

  • Listening to music

Music is to be food for the soul. It can help by relaxing and soothing your mind. This all depends on what choice of music you choose to listen to.  Listening to the most beautiful and happy music that you love may help you work through your sadness. Avoid listening to sad music as this could make the situation even worse. Listening to happy music takes an immediate change to the atmosphere; giving a more positive vibe that improves your mood.  It is also a good way to have your mind distracted from ill and destructive thoughts.

  • Reach out to the friends and stay connected

While under depression, this is one of the most rewarding activities, but on the other hand, it’s the hardest thing to do. Due to shame and guilt, the first thing that comes to mind is to withdraw from friendship and isolate, which worsens the situation. By having social support from friends and family members you are aiding yourself and en route to a quick recovery. They will help to distract your mind and also provide someone to share what is disturbing you. Remember that a problem shared is a problem half solved.

  • Eat well, a mood boosting diet

By changing your diet, this will not directly cure you of depression, but you can choose foods that make you feel well. Reduce the intake of foods which can cause an effect on your brain and mood. This includes alcohol, trans fats, caffeine and food rich in chemical preservations.

  • Attend workshops

You need to find a professional counsellor and attend depression workshops. These are professionals who can help you with tips and techniques for fighting depression. You might also come across people who have successfully recovered from depression. This will give you hope and a positive attitude which is important to your recovery journey. 


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