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The Essence of Love and its Traditions – The Love Course - Healing Relationships

This course explores the essence of our love as it travels the journey of our traditions.

It helps heal misunderstandings our intellect may have encouraged us to live

  • The traditions of our parents and society

We explore techniques that open understanding

  • Of our uniqueness as a soul
  • The energy of the love we come with
  • How we use it in relation to understanding ourselves

We discover how to heal concepts that block the flow of our love.

  • To heal ourselves
  • To expand our energy
  • To learn where things fit for our unique vibration of love.

To create a meaningful life, fulfilling and abundant

What to bring to the Course:

  • Bring a notebook, pen and water bottle.
  • Wear comfortable clothes suitable for a workshop and a jacket incase your venue is air-conditioned.
  • Something to eat.
  • Tea and Coffee will be provided.



Universal Workshop or Inner Communication Profile and Pathways Course A1-A3.



The course runs for 8 hours, registration opens 15mins prior.



The Relationship Course $450


If you have any questions about this event

please contact us on: 1300 718 257

Email: info@livingillumination.com


We look forward to seeing you there.