Welcome to the Serenity Courses Page

Serenity Courses, how to live the policies of your spiritual energy

In this course you learn to appreciate your personal energy

You can heal misunderstandings about the quality of your energy and its importance in your life to live a serene existence communicating with your guidance

You can learn to set energy for your activities with the awareness of its mechanics

Opening up the big picture of your world and its focus through self-observation and acknowledgement. As energy this enables you to be forever expanding living your path and purpose.

You can sew your seeds of self-clarification and reap a harvest of wisdom and knowledge


What to bring to the Course:

  • Bring a notebook, pen and water bottle.
  • Wear comfortable clothes suitable for a workshop and a jacket incase your venue is air-conditioned.
  • Something to eat.
  • Tea and Coffee will be provided.



Universal Workshop or Inner Communication Profile



The course runs for 10 hours, registration opens 15mins prior.



The Serenity Course $500


If you have any questions about this event

please contact us on: 1300 718 257

Email: info@livingillumination.com


We look forward to seeing you there.