Constitution of Our Soul
Constitution of Our Soul
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The Constitution Of Our Soul educates us to the process of awakening discovering our spiritual nature and to the reality of living in two worlds. It covers in depth the extraordinary participation of our angels in our every moment of life on Planet Earth including our transition and beyond. How they support us to live our Soul’s constitution is investigated and portrayed comprehensively.

Confusion and how it may limit the miraculous life changing steps up the ladder of consciousness is also explained. It gives each reader an individual blue print for life guiding our journey of soul discovery and the recognition of the inimitable nature of the wisdom of our soul from eons of time. The pages of our past expand our education as we invest in its self-discovery.

There are techniques explained in detail to help us to open to our inner truth where the true joy dwells.

About the Author

Kristy Kaye has travelled extensively, researching cultures, beliefs, and traditions throughout the world. She was introduced to religious studies and belief systems early in life, and she continues her education today. Her real training, chronicled here, began in her forties, when she met her mentor and guide. She currently lives in New South Wales, Australia.