Welcome to the Unique Vibration Profile Page

This is a One on One Consultation

In this profile you meet your angels face to face and find out some personal history about yourself and them.

You have amazing affinity with them as they are your spiritual family who have made transition graduated from Planet Earth and elevated their spiritual consciousness to enable them to guide your journey which follows a similar course.

They naturally love you with unconditional love. They will easily break earthly rules to deliver you to your inner truth. As you develop in your consciousness they become more and more assertive in their direction of your life’s opportunities. They give you direct messages about your personal, business, social and spiritual energy as well as your purpose for being here this lifetime.  

At the same time you can learn to communicate with them directly and have incredible insights into what they are here to back you with.   You personally feel their different energy vibrations. Through learning to work with them individually can begin an amazing journey discovering your identities from past lives and how they fit with this lifetime.

They then reveal the words of your Unique Vibration a kind of thrust for everything you are involved in. It sounds like a pure affirmation that represents the potency of who you are. At the end of the profile you may know for the first time where you fit on Planet Earth. 

This is a four page profile, only 1 page is displayed below.