10 STEPS: Step 8 - Detach from emotional situations

My 10 steps to enlightenment continued… 


By Kristy Kaye

Our biggest challenges in life are our emotions.  These are the feelings of the intellect, which are false feelings.  We already are 90% feelings so when our intellect tries to manufacture them it confuses us and we can feel disconnected from who we really are.

There are ways to beat this: we can keep cutting from the person or people who are making us feel insecure or angry or any other emotion our intellect has manufactured.

Our misunderstandings can make us expect people to be a certain way or to do a host of things they may not want to.  We may have been taught to expect instead of accepting people as they are. We cant change people so it is pointless being disappointed in their actions.  There are more constructive ways to help them.

This cutting technique along with others is in my book ‘The Constitution of our Soul’, which is available online.

There are many examples in the book of how our intellect can try to override our feelings.

My ten steps to enlightenment

  1. AWAKEN: Open yourself to change your perspective on just about everything.
  2. BENEFIT:  Expel any limiting ideas or ideals that only bring you down.
  3. HEAL YOUR PAST - Find your power.
  4. COMMIT to your new life by following through on a mission of self-discovery.
  5. FOLLOW YOUR FEELINGS FIRST! Understand the difference between feelings and emotions.
  6. GIVE YOURSELF TIME: Time to meditate on how your life is faring. Carve out of your daily time priorities time for you.  Time to grow!
  7. REGROUP yourself daily USE KEY WORDS! Learn to respect and nurture your energy to maintain balance.
  8. DETACH:  Unplug yourself from the matrix of life.
  9. KILL OBLIGATION: If you feel obliged to do things for others your pathway to enlightenment will be challenged with ups and downs.

© Kristy Kaye 2021