10 STEPS: Step 9 - Kill Obligations

My 10 steps to enlightenment continued… 


By Kristy Kaye

This is an old religious belief system that has us believing that we owe people in our life our unswerving devotion.  We need to re-evaluate how we do feel about this rather than follow an old worn down track of living for values outside of yourself.

You are never going to be good at this unless it is part of your passion.   Ask yourself:

  1. Does it feels good to live this obligation?
  2. Are you looking for approval from others?
  3. Are you afraid of others condemnation if you don't?
  4. You believe there will be a punishment if you don't?
  5. Ask yourself if you have a duty to outside loyalties to authority figures, or something else?

If these answers are in the affirmative then it is something you are not ready to change or presently you have a situation you cant change.  It may be to wrap up a past life and you are lead to it by your feelings.

If it is in the negative then it may not be in your best interest to continue without first discerning its’ implications.  Each of us has angels and what is right for us is right for everyone. We maybe meddling in someone’s learning lessons and deprive them of it.

There are so many ways that obligations not anchored to feelings can hurt our direction and purpose.

You will kill your potential success in life if you live like this.  You will be tied to the past with no way of severing it. You are working for an unknown master that is emotionally blackmailing you by stimulating obligation.  This unknown master will probably be a confused soul in your energy making you believe that their words are your confused thoughts.

Find out the facts!  Your facts! Register for the Pathway Courses Step one Level one to clarify where you fit with your modus operandi for life.  There are things you will change what you realize their implications.

Living Illumination have six courses in the awakening level which will help you find out everything you need to know about you.  You can then change what doesn't fit your new state of consciousness.

My ten steps to enlightenment

  1. AWAKEN: Open yourself to change your perspective on just about everything.
  2. BENEFIT:  Expel any limiting ideas or ideals that only bring you down.
  3. HEAL YOUR PAST - Find your power.
  4. COMMIT to your new life by following through on a mission of self-discovery.
  5. FOLLOW YOUR FEELINGS FIRST! Understand the difference between feelings and emotions.
  6. GIVE YOURSELF TIME: Time to meditate on how your life is faring. Carve out of your daily time priorities time for you.  Time to grow!
  7. REGROUP yourself daily USE KEY WORDS! Learn to respect and nurture your energy to maintain balance.
  8. DETACH:  Unplug yourself from the matrix of life.
  9. KILL OBLIGATION: If you feel obliged to do things for others your pathway to enlightenment will be challenged with ups and downs.

© Kristy Kaye 2021