30 Questions to Ask in Your Meditations for the Next 30 Days

30 Questions to Ask in Your Meditations for the Next 30 Days

By Kristy Kaye


30 questions to ask in your meditations for the next 30 days for spiritual guidance.

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why am I here on Planet Earth?
  3. What is my purpose this lifetime?
  4. Where have I come from?
  5. Do I fear death?
  6. Do I have Guidance supporting me?
  7. What is self loyalty?
  8. In what ways can I be more loyal to myself?
  9. In what ways can I be more sincere with myself (i.e. action and follow through on your loyalty)?
  10. What is love?
  11. What is my truth?
  12. Am I living close to my truth?
  13. How do I express my authentic self?
  14. What do I fear?
  15. How do I limit myself?
  16. What are my expectations?
  17. What are my assumptions?
  18. How can I be more compassionate with myself?
  19. What excites me?
  20. What and who inspires me?
  21. How do I use my creativity?
  22. What are my thought patterns?
  23. What limiting beliefs do I have?
  24. Where am I going?
  25. What and who no longer fits with my energy?
  26. Where and how do I hold tension in my body?
  27. How do I observe my thoughts?
  28. What holds me back from sharing my truth?
  29. What am I passionate about?
  30. What am I feeling?


Meditation and stillness of the mind offer the opportunity to uncover the real story of you and the potentialities of discovering your mysteries, opening the pages from your untold millenniums and lifetimes.

The quote below by Buddha reminds us of why we would want to meditate:-

“Meditation brings wisdom;
lack of meditation leaves ignorance.
Know well what leads you forward and
what holds you back,
and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”

You were born with innate intelligence. You have all the answers inside of you for your life. You also have all the wisdom inside you from past lifetimes. The reason for incarnating this lifetime is to heal ourselves of our limitations and fears and grow our spiritual consciousness, and journey back to the enlightenment we are.

You are possibly unaware of the energy we call Spirit - a general term for enlightened energy that surrounds us and everybody else; it feeds our souls and forever evolves our environments with enlightenment. We can call the energy that supports our revelations our inner guidance, angels, God, source energy, the Divine, Guidance, master souls, but whatever we call it, we all somehow yearn for spontaneous impressions and miracles. The wisdom of our guidance is magnanimous and omnipotent.

You may even feel this energy on your body with chills of affirmation or connection or a sense of peace, calm or joy. You can also be in the right place at the right time for the perfect opportunity.  

It is true that when we are in balance and alignment with our true feelings, knowing all the facts (the what, when, where and why) of those feelings, we are the captain of our ship and can successfully navigate our chosen journey.

The benefits are when you are completely relaxed, and at one with yourself, you can be in the infinite present moment. To feel the enthusiasm of living in the NOW and just feel and be yourself. You let go of the pain or rumination of the past or the worry or fear of the future. It is in the BEINGNESS that will give you freedom, among all things.

In the article ‘What is the Best Way to Spiritual Enlightenment’, we looked at 10 Steps to Enlightenment. Step 1 Awaken posed many questions you could use to journal and meditate on. It is essential to allow the wisdom to unfold, and you may not always receive an immediate answer. The answers may come over many days or through experiences. It could come through a song on your playlist or a movie that you watch, or when you are working with nature or simply being. These questions will often spark even more questions – that is great because it’s in the enquiry of ourselves that we unfold more of who we are and who we are not.

You are an incredibly unique and divine part of this universe. Have you felt this divinity?

Rabbi Hillel wrote, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?”

If you struggle with making time to meditate, take a moment to read our article ‘Why is Unplugging from the Matrix Important?” to inspire you to carve out time for yourself.

We hope you enjoy the next 30 days of self-discovery with these questions. We also encourage you to share your questions in the comments.

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