6 Steps and Meditation Questions for Soul Self Discovery

6 Steps and Meditation Questions for Soul Self Discovery 

By Kristy Kaye

In this article, we delve into the initial 6 steps and meditation questions for our soul’s self-discovery.  

  1. Awakening Your Inner Self to Its Potential
  2. Ambition to Redefine your Life
  3. Taking Intentional Action
  4. Achievement of Fulfilment
  5. Advancement of Yourself, Redefined, Focused and Directed
  6. Acknowledgement of Your Soul Part, Delivering Your Destiny 

Personal wellbeing is a big topic.  In these current times, people of all ages and stages feel the impact of society’s current challenges to varying degrees.  Whether it stems from the global pandemic, work challenges, relationship conflicts, parenting, balancing life’s demands, physical health, technology, time constraints, or any other effect in your environment – there is no doubt that individually and collectively, we’re all feeling the pressure at some level.  

Truth be told, the only thing we have control over is ourselves. We are in charge of our thoughts and feelings, and by committing to our individual journey of self-discovery, we can heal any misunderstandings and breakthrough our self-imposed limitations. In fact, it’s why we are here, as a soul on Planet Earth, having a human experience to expand our consciousness and embrace our unique path and purpose.

Kristy Kaye, in “The Constitution of Our Soul”, inspires the journey of self-discovery by quoting: “The beauty of who you are is knocking at your door, demanding to be let in.  Open the door; there is nothing to fear there.  It is you who is knocking at your door.  Let you into your life, you will discover the pathways to the most profound and nurturing love with the evolvement of your truth.  You will walk tall, feel confident, have compassion, live fulfilment, be contented, be magnanimous, be omnipotent, and understand your immortality.  Is there really any other choice?” 

Sounds aspirational, doesn’t it? If that is where we want to go, how do we get there?  If we were in a car and knew where we wanted to go, we would use our GPS, providing the exact route to arrive at our destination. We also know there is often more than one route, which gives us the flexibility to choose our path. 

Kristy Kaye continues to quote: “How wonderful would it be if everyone knew that the only real problem [people] can have in their life is with themselves, and when they resolve it within, their unlimited natures can finally present themselves and their personality problems fade into oblivion. Their true love nature emerges from within and dilutes the power of adversity.” 

So, the roadmap lies in our intentions and commitment to our personal self-discovery. There are multiple steps to transform our state of being, and visually could be described as a pyramid, where we ascend from the base to its peak, but at each stage, we have a more elevated view. When we reach the top, we have a very different perspective from where we first started and have created an enormous expansion of our energy, self-understanding, a paradigm shift and a change in our consciousness. 

The 6 Steps and Meditation Questions:

We can describe those initial 6 steps in our soul’s self-discovery process as awakening, ambition, action, achievement, advancement, and acknowledgement.  The steps are below, together with some questions to meditate and reflect on to explore a little further:

  • Awakening Your Inner Self to Its Potential

  • Who are you? Why do you do the things that you do? What is your path, and what goals have you set this lifetime to learn? How do you live fairytales and pivot from your intellect and its challenges? How do you use emotions in your life and waste precious time? Do you respect the sincerity and integrity that you have with yourself to reach the level of awareness? How do you acknowledge yourself?

  • Ambition to Redefine your Life

  • Have you ever known what true ambition is? Do you have genuine loyalty to yourself? Have you articulated your spiritual goals?  What are your fears, beliefs or societal programming that affect your ambitions? What are you passionate about?

  • Taking Intentional Action

  • Have you defined your direction?  Have you removed what interferes with your natural desire to be involved? How do you put your ambitions into action? What separates you from your truth? Do you know how to leverage your authentic feelings? Are you sincere with yourself to follow through on your goals? What intentional actions do you take?

  •  Achievement of Fulfilment

  • Have you ever been frustrated by your achievements or lack of? What limitations are in your beliefs or thoughts? What inhibiting concepts stand in your way of success? Can you distinguish your feelings from your thoughts? Do you waste time on things that don’t give you fulfilment? How do you detach from emotional situations?

  • Advancement of Yourself, Redefined, Focused and Directed

  • How do you live in the flow of energy? How do you discover the facts of any situation to advance yourself? Do you regroup yourself daily?

  • Acknowledgement of Your Soul Part, Delivering Your Destiny 

  • Do you acknowledge yourself as an omnipotent soul?  Are you a limitless spiritual being? Have you discovered the freedom of your spiritual nature? Do you have a big picture at a universal level?  How are you living your unique path and purpose?

    This deep enquiry will help you identify any misunderstanding you may believe about your life, habits, character, integrity, confidence, depression, judgement or imperfection and their influences that may be residing in you. It is worth visiting what we wrote in previous articles, ‘The Seeds of our Search' and ‘The Truth and Its Seven Layers – Being Your Own Lighthouse.’ 

    Imagine if you decide to invest in the real you; the steps on this pathway can enable you to regain your flawlessness. The soul begins to heal and expand in the seeing (awareness), accepting, surrendering, forgiving, and gratitude for all the situations and opportunities we have in life.  

    For those who have participated in Living Illumination programs, you will recognise these steps from the enlightening and empowering ‘A’ Pathway courses. Check out our events page for upcoming courses and pre-requisite courses.

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