An Ongoing Challenge: How to Balance our Life

I have heard a lot of people talking about finding their own Nirvana by doing different activities.  How can one find peace within, and feel tranquillity while living an everyday busy life? For me I have found this an ongoing battle within oneself, when one wants to live in a heaven, but at the same time, chooses to live in life struggles for everyday wants and desires.

Knowing how to have peace and practising how to balance ourselves while we continue to pursue our dream, is one of the biggest challenges in our busy life while we have a physical body to interact with fellowmen in our environment everyday. 

When we set a goal for our life, we may want to achieve something that others in our environment agree with the value. But this may not be compatible with the true purpose of our life. We then become outside driven, as the media may tell the crowds to pursue another thing as the trend has changed. Our friends may tell us what we have been striving for is out of date, and now everyone in society has switched their preferred brands, or models etc. 

We can hardly have fulfilment when we keep chasing for one thing, and then another thing, in order to get outside acceptance. Contentment can hardly be felt, but rather, through competition, with ourselves or with others, we keep telling ourselves we need to work harder, or we may fail, or be considered a failure in our opinion of other people’s views. 

Planet Earth is the place we have chosen to learn life. If we do not understand this, we may put our head in the sand, while we use our limbs to keep running and working without knowing where we are really heading to and why. We may become so exhausted and thinking we reached the target, only to find the target has been moved according to someone’s opinion. We can hardly achieve anything for there is always something for us to chase and pursue trying to get outside approval.

We may see things and see ourselves differently, when we understand who we really are, and why we are here. When we understand that we are souls that have reincarnated for many life times; what we have pursued before, we have long forgotten; what we have owned in other life times, we no longer have possession of. There is nothing really of “freehold titles”, for we only have our “leasehold” bodies.

Then, we can slow down, and learn to feel, what we really need for our life. 

There is nothing in the material world that can give us contentment like finding our true self. There is no joy like our own achievement of attaining the goals that we set to change for our own needs. There is no better fulfilment than to see how our own changes have affected our environment in a positive way when we change our own state of consciousness. Then, we may realise, there is nothing more important than “me”, for we are part of the environment, and everything starts from our own self. As we are love, and when we live just as who we are, then we automatically know the importance of our life, and innately know how we need to prioritise our time, for our good, and for everyone’s good.

If we are the most important person to ourselves, what else will be of worth for us to sacrifice our health, our time, in exchange for our existence? If our love is the most precious gift to ourselves, then what work will be more important then our resting time, our eating time, and for our well-being time? We shall then know how to balance our time, our work life, and our social interaction, when we choose to spend our time with ourselves, our loved ones, and fellowmen.

There may be different ways to live and balance our life. Here are some that sound simple but require consistency of our self loyalty and sincerity to ourselves: 

  1. Eat well. 
  2. Sleep well. 
  3. Do what we are passionate about so that life becomes meaningful while we still can breathe in, and breathe out.
  4. Respect our body, and understand there is a use-by date. 
  5. Understand that everything has a use-by date, including fear, hatred, anger, or any emotions. Let them go, and have forgiveness to ourselves and to all. 
  6. Love ourselves dearly, whole heartedly, and treat our energy as the most important treasure that we have for we are all energy beings. Maintenance is vital.
  7. We can assist others when it’s our opportunity to assist. Never share our joy to our own detriment, and always check with our angel team if our involvement is really our opportunity. 

Our Angel team is here 24/7, work with them everyday with respect, and we will know what will be for our best interest. Our life will then become meaningful with purpose.

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