Family and its Traditions at Christmas

Family and its Traditions at Christmas 

By Leiza Mosley

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la…..

Christmas and all its traditions, particularly around family, can be both a joyous and demanding  time of year.  Balancing our personal needs, along with the expectations of others can have us heading for the nearest jug of Pims and a box of fruit mince pies!

What do you notice about your personal energy or your personality when you around your family at this time of year?  Do you become less of yourself as you conform to what you think people expect of you? Do you struggle to have your voice heard? Do you turn up to events out of obligation? Are you able to express yourself authentically? Are you trapped in a role or many roles bestowed upon you? Do you tame your personality for fear of offending others with your truth? Do you become less of you when you are catering to family members?

What if the opposite was true for you?  You have the freedom of full expression, you involve yourself in activities that lift you up and fulfil you with joy, love and harmony.  You feel content, stimulated and even inspired by your contribution to others and from your experiences.

We all have experiences of friction with family, whether it be our own family or through family connections.  Believe it or not, friction can actually be helpful in healing something within ourselves.  If we are remain open to the lessons and are able to enquire into our feelings for what it is stimulating for us, we can heal it and discard it. This enables you to become more of you and get closer to the love within.

Discernment can be the key that unlocks troubled pathways at this time of year.  Discernment is all about feeling into what is right for you in the moment of choice, based on the facts you have.  For this to have the most positive outcome you really have to be coming from the pivot of your inner-feelings and deliberately put Ego out of the way.  For example, before I attend an event I like to discern the facts, particularly the “Why” of the gathering.  That way I can set my intention and energy to get the most out of the event.  Doing this always adds-value to me and my experience in terms of what I uncover for myself and how I contribute to others.  Discerning the What, When, Where, Why and Who enables me to forecast my ideal experience and I’m left with feelings of immense satisfaction, contentment, love and even bliss from the interactions with others; the delicious food I select; and any other sensory experiences I have.  Instead of being exhausted and drained from an event; I’m uplifted, inspired and stimulated from the experience.

So if you’re coming into this “silly season” with fears of old experiences and patterns re-emerging again with family members, then I invite you to take some time in your personal space and discern who you are and how you want to show up for others.  Start to feel into the confidence of authentically expressing your uniqueness without negative ramifications.  Observe your environment and how you interact within it – what triggers you, what fulfils you.  Where possible, release what no longer fits with you.   Most of all, enjoy the freedom of being uniquely you (without the roles, catering and obligations); express your love; and have a wonderful festive season! Fa la la la la, la la la la.