Fast Track to Energy Central

Fast Track to Energy Central 

By Sashua Benay


Do you have the desire to feel vital and full of energy everyday?  Wake up with good intentions to do just that, but find the demands of the day quickly deplete your supply?

It’s easy to explain this one away. You might say to yourself you know the answer and solution… it’s the demands of my business, it’s the needs of the kids, its because my iron levels are down. All I have to do is prioritise my time better, get up an hour earlier every day. Whilst these and whatever your version of these are contributing factors, there is a bigger picture.

What if there were a whole part of the your life, in fact, the key essence for being here, that you were just not paying any attention to and that could be the very answer to your life long conundrum? That would have the greatest impact on the major things that ail you in the wee hours? Health. Wealth. Relationships. Inner Peace. That could change your existence faster than any other solution?

Would you be willing to know more?

The Answer is:  The Big Picture of Your Energy.

Our energy is one of the least understood or at the very least, underestimated, phenomenon. Our energy is the essence of who we truly are. Our Soul Part. Our feeling nature that connects us to all that we have been, our wisdom from past lives through eternity – a wealth of information that is an enviable library to any seeker of truth.  It gives us connection to the extraordinary beings that are our Angels. There to guide us every day through the pitfalls, turns and crossroads of our sojourn. They can help us access this wisdom of lifetimes, to use in our everyday life now.

These days most solutions point to:

  • Eating right
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive affirmations

Which are all very positive and contributing elements of our energy’s vitality.  But for these steps to be truly effective, to maximise the effort that goes into them, if you truly want to fast track your energy reserve to be full and abundant, there is a better way.

Understanding your energy, that is your soul part, the essence of you without a body, your history, your destiny and how your energy vibrates uniquely to others - is the best kept secret on the Planet. And it is the key that holds the answers to all the questions you have ever had.

So how do we get to know our energy?

Step 1:  Awaken to the fact that you are a Soul!

That word is used a lot. But have you felt what it truly means? Can you let go of every concept that attaches you to this lifetime, feel all your past lives and know the intimate detail of your immediate future? I’m guessing the answer is No. But there are techniques you can use to start unfolding this magnificent universe that is you. Here are some ways you can begin:

Step 2:  Awaken the Ambition to Know Yourself - Truly

You may think you know yourself and perhaps even a little of what you have come to do, but the parts that most people allow themselves to see and feel are a drop in your magnificent ocean. Once you have to that true desire, now you can expand on it.

Step 3: Action - Get yourself 3 keywords and turn them into sentences each day.

Write these sentences without thinking about what they are going to say and make sure they are about you – how you are feeling. Be honest with how you feel with yourself. Throughout the day, keep the awareness of these words and amend your actions to fit their message where it feels right for you.

Step 4:  Feel Achievement through Reflection

At the end of the day, get out your sentences and read them, reflecting on the parts of your day that were relevant to them, and what were you learning about yourself. Your limitations, fears, accomplishments and fulfillments,

It’s the quiet moments where we will be able to hear these answers and it doesn’t have to take long. Resolve to change that which no longer fits the new you. The person you want to become. Within a very short time through making these changes you will feel the achievement of your changes within and it will show in your energy levels and be reflected in your environment.

Step 5:  Advancement through Changing Our Inner Dialogue

Our inner dialogue can shape our identity. How we talk with ourselves can be the most uplifting or similarly draining experience – depending on the language.  By regrouping how we feel about ourselves and our life through our keyword sentences, we can start to identify our inner dialogue. Whose voice is in our head? Is it a message we want to heed? Consciously change it from limiting and fear driven to self-supportive and even bold!

Step 6:  Acknowledgement

Where do the answers come from? You have an incredible wisdom inside you that is waiting to burst out from lifetimes of experiences and learning’s.  Acknowledge that there is much more to you than you have yet unfolded and that your inner voice deserves to be heard!

Step 7:  The Fast Track

If you want to truly accelerate your self to enjoy high energy reserves, with insights and inner direction to conquer every day with joy, there is another key element to remember and engage with. You have an incredible personal team of Angels. Guides who are with you every moment of every day, waiting for the moments they can drop in the insight or assist in directing the traffic in your life – to benefit you. 

The big question is: Are you listening? If not, see Step 1!!!

Listening to their messages can hold the key to fast tracking the omnipotent resource that is your energy. Employing these steps can start to change the dynamics of your life. You can move in synchronicity with the events that are energised for you each day. Each pocket of time can feel inspired and vital. You can be flowing in your river with a cleansing current washing over you, rejuvenating you throughout your day. Mountains can be made into molehills, easily conquered with exponential results. 

If your every day doesn’t feel like this, there are two key steps you can take to change it:

The starting point is the Universal Workshop where you learn who your Angels are and how to communicate, opening yourself to a bigger picture of the journey of being a soul on planet earth.  

Then to really fast track your energy, there are the Pathways A Courses – a series of 6 levels:

  1. Awakening
  2. Ambition
  3. Action
  4. Achievement
  5. Advancement
  6. Acknowledgement

They will open you to insights and healings that will Fast Track you to Energy Central – energising your journey exponentially. They can bring about profound change in your outlook on life, business, relationships, health and more.

Discover yourself in every page of this website and feel which step is the first one you can make in the most important thing you are here to do in this lifetime. To know Yourself and Live You Absolutely.