How To Unblock Your Personal Success and Love of Life

How To Unblock Your Personal Success and Love of Life 

By Kristy Kaye

A Life Blockage Release Consultation looks at 7 key aspects to unblocking your personal success and love of life:

  1. How to identify the concepts that cause the blockages around your energy and life;
  2. How the blockages developed – where and when it came from and how to heal it;
  3. The patterns, habits, and tendencies that have interfered with your success and love of life;
  4. Who in your life stimulates the blockages and how to change the pattern by understanding it;
  5. How to release pain, judgment, fear, abuse and other concepts that lead to illness and ill-ease with life;
  6. Rediscover the joy in life, and release feelings of obligation, duty, and reprimand;
  7. How to live your unique path and purpose and find fulfilment in what you do.

In your learnings about the spiritual awakening process you would realise and understand that you are all energy. 

In fact in 1948, Albert Einstein spoke about the relationship between matter and energy, stating: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Your energy will influence what makes you happy in your life, fulfilled or unfulfilled. You may have an abundance of energy that backs all of your life’s opportunities or you may be living with just a small amount necessary to survive.

If you know and accept that as an energetic beings you are all powerful, magnificent, omnipotent spirit from the universe, then why would you choose any less than that?  Why would you choose to reject or dismiss the truth of who you are? Why would you be afraid of your own power?

Releasing Limitations

Have you ever found yourself saying: “I thought I had dealt with that”; “Why is this cropping up again”; “I don’t understand why I have such a reaction”; “Why can’t I get over this or heal this”? Have you notice some patterns cropping up in your life that don’t serve you well?

The secret to living a purposeful life that fits with your ‘soul identity’ and your destiny lies in revealing and releasing limitations and gaining profound freedom to accelerate your life and spiritual growth. All too often the reality is that people do experience limitations on their energy that they do not understand and have patterns of things that crop up that limit success.

It is important to face, discover and understand your limiting concepts or fears that surface at crucial times in your life which can make you feel disempowered, creating negative feelings and experiences which block you and subsequently affect your destiny, success and love of life.

Our First Blockage

In your first seven years, you pick up concepts that affect the way you view life, particularly after three years of age, although it can occur as early as six months. The concepts generally revolve around some type of fear around living your destiny. 

This may show up as fear of success; fear of failure; fear of authority figures; fear of change; fear of disapproval; fear of the unknown; or any other fear that has you stopped from actioning and achieving your goals and progress in your life.

These inner fears can be so debilitating that they occupy most of your energy and dilute your amazing potential and how you live life.  You may not even understand where they have come from and why they have such an effect on you. It is not until you have the courage to delve deep within to discover and understand yourself better, that you can understand the why and all the other facts around the fear. 

Usually, but not always, the blocks in your energy are stimulated by what you observed in one of your parents or someone else influential in our early life doing during your first seven years. You may not even be aware of it yourself, but its impact on you can last a lifetime if you do not heal it. This is called a First Blockage.

Observing Blockages

Your blockages or patterns may be staring at you in the face, but if not, begin to investigate one of the people in your early life where you may have copied and developed their fear into your own style.

As an example, let’s say you have a fear of water – being in the ocean, swimming, in a boat, and you avoid those situations. It doesn’t make sense to you that you have this fear, but it feels very real to you. You can feel your energy changing if you have to face those situations.

If someone influential in your earlier years had an experience that created this fear, or it is based in their past life or yours, it may be a fear you have unconsciously adopted, hence why it does not make sense, but feels real.

Avoiding troublesome issues does not heal them. Facing them dilutes their power over you and in time, makes them subservient as you build your awareness and competence. One day it will become critical to address it because somehow it invites a confrontation for you where it is unavoidable. It might be a flood or a boating accident or someone you love having trouble. You want to lead your life with inner-authority and competence, not be ruled by fears, hidden or overt.

Usually a blockage is not about drowning, but it’s an easy example. It’s really more likely to be a fear of rejection, not being good enough, being found out, not being perfect, being abandoned, dreading criticism, or a plethora of fears that limit your purpose. It is not immediately obvious to you, but as you are given the dates you lived it, and see the pattern in your life, you usually recall it painfully.

Healing Blockages

You may think it's normal to live these limitations, but it is not. It creates patterns, habits and tendencies that interfere with a successful journey this lifetime and love of life. It impacts how much negative energy you allow to affect you when you live the concern instead of the feeling of its solution. You may be making decisions in your life based on your fears instead of your true direction. Whether small or large, these decisions can influence the trajectory of your life.

It is good to remember that every problem brings with it its own unique solution when you are sincere in the search. You eventually need to overcome your timidity and heal it as part of your life mission with a Life Blockage Release Consultation.

Liberating Your Energy

This consultation is a profound personal healing and includes meditation and energy healing techniques that can be simply mastered simply. Your evaluation of your life and becoming the person you know yourself to be free of these blockages will accelerate your healing to enjoy a new level of wellbeing.

Finding these solutions is how you accelerate your spiritual growth. When you heal the blockage, it is a profound introduction to freedom. You literally feel invincible because you are amazed at the relief of releasing this limitation. It is definitely worth investing in soul-discovery and its eventual healing to save you years of indecision and relationship anguish.  

After the consultation, you will have continual revelations and the understanding of what you need to live a life full of energy, joy and fulfilment and to make decisions based on your true direction and full potential.


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