I love You, No Me, No You

I Love You, No Me, No You

By: Sue Mazur

Love for oneself is necessary for successfully navigating a balanced and joyful life. For those that have had the privilege of doing some of Living Illuminations work, will know the technique “Me First” and how beautifully, when employed, this lifts the energy and expands the aura.

This has nothing to do with selfishness, vanity, ego or manipulation (these are accomplices of control and manipulation and a counter-force of life), but it has to do with true love towards one’s own “I”.

Living in harmony and unity with yourself means allowing yourself to truly live, and no longer be stuck in sadness, anxiety, and old patterns that lead to suffering. You offer yourself the highest love, and don’t expect it from someone else.

Love means giving… to yourself. And as a result, you can then give to others. Giving to others is not a burden if your cup is full and overflowing. But if your cup is half empty, drained or strained, there can be very little left to give to others without depleting you further. As soon as you begin to expect, demand, to hold onto things or people instead of loving them in a balanced and giving way, you attract anxieties, obsessions and disappointment. 

So let go… give yourself love. Acknowledge your worthiness as a soul having a human experience, a beautiful human being with a deep inner worth – and love yourself the way life has shaped you. Anxiety and trauma will disappear when you are tuned into the love vibration and towards your true self. Count on yourself. Offer yourself love, trust and faith.

The light of genuine love for yourself chases away dark convictions because true love will no longer tolerate fundamental mistreatment, sadness, inequity or suffering. Your light from within, when radiating love, is true beauty that attracts like energy. If you want a connection with another based on true love (e.g. a great relationship), you will first have to find that for yourself to attract that back to you, as energy attracts like energy. 

This has nothing to do with “sham” attraction or beauty, which exists within a society that fosters competition, falseness and disconnection from the heart. It is up to us to unmask the lie of appearances, and fake beauty that bind the human spirit and heart.

Stand firmly on your own basis. Live authentically from within. Stay faithful to yourself and, at the same time, learn to understand others. Two people who stand on their own basis can build a quality relationship because they come together as equals. Of course, everyone has their quirks and shortcomings, a weak side and a strong side to work on. However, never point the finger at someone else. If there are problems, always work on yourself. Then there is actual progress, and things go well for you.

Don’t lose yourself in someone else, because then you will be on a path to disconnection from yourself, where blinding intoxication, empty romance and sex without love belong. Then you will do things to please others out of sacrifice, doing something you feel you shouldn’t do or delude yourself. That won’t help the other person, won’t help you, or build an authentic, lasting relationship. Also, don’t seize, bind, grab and demand because that is not love. Instead, that is ego, control and manipulation. You may win the battle but lose the war of love.

Therefore choose a life of love with yourself. Respect yourself. Choose truth on the highest level. Work on yourself and allow the freedom to do the same for those that you are in a relationship. In this freedom, when there is true love, there is faithfulness and a deep alliance. Wherever you are, no matter the distance or time that separates you, in your heart, you are together. This alliance has a powerful strengthening effect. In this happiness, you go on with your tasks and life, and they, theirs. You are grateful and content because you have love from within.

Sheer, pure, intense love of yourself on an unconditional soul level, that is, the way you are, unique, irreplaceable, authentic, is sheer joy for your existence. This love of your “I”, your being, is the pinnacle of life.

It is worth living more consciously and making something beautiful of your life.

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