Imagine No Christmas, Just Love

Imagine No Christmas, Just Love

Kristy Kaye

Are you getting washed away with Christmas plans? 

Are expectations of you high?

Are you shopping for the masses of friends and family?

If you are fitting any of these profiles, it’s maybe time to pull back, and let sanity rein. 

What is Christmas other than the celebration of Christ’s birth? How did it go so wrong, and worse, that our focus is now trying to make everyone else happy at the expense of our own energy and stretching an already wearied budget? Obsessively pounding the pavement for that special gift. Even fitting in a bit of religion exhausted and stressed. 

Each of us is an ambassador for human nature. Giving is receiving, but extravagance is a wilful exploitation of an otherwise meaningful event. 

We all know this, but we can get caught up with the general mood of extravagant gift-giving around Christmas. 

So many people don’t appreciate the gifts you give them.  Therefore, only give from soul to soul and expect nothing in return.  Make it heartfelt. 

Singing Christmas carols can be fun, as is catching up with those who bring you joy, but you don’t have time to see in an otherwise busy life. Why not change some toxic traditions this year and have yourself a very happy Christmas? Use the time wisely. Invest in yourself and what truly gives you joy. 

Avoid traditions because it only reaps heartache and disappointments. Some things are never the same as they have been, so create new ones and make joy your underlining motivation.

Imagine no Christmas at all. Just a relaxed day with good food and fellowship. Show some good spirit, and if that includes family, then so be it. Invite people who are disadvantaged. Let them have some joy in the celebration too. Don’t overwork yourself to impress those members who are abundant and generally well heeled. You will not have the joy of Christmas play out around your celebration. That’s the kind of Christmas I like.

From all at Living Illumination we value your feedback so let us know how your Christmas planning went and its rewards. May you have a restful heartfelt joyous Christmas. 

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