Master of My Own Destiny – Igniting The Fire Inside

Master of My Own Destiny – Igniting The Fire Inside

By Kristy Kaye

Self-determination is an important concept that refers to each person's ability to make free choices and manage their own life. Of course, this also extends to cultural groups and countries. When you watch the nightly news, you will observe and try to make sense of the often violent protests and people's desire for the need to change. Our personal experiences may seem humble in comparison, but they are set on the same spiritual stage as the international demands for self-determination.

The Arab Spring

We can look at the 'Arab Spring' of 2010, as the beginning of an expression of a strong desire to self determine. The 'Arab Spring' was a time in history that marked a change in the energy of this world. It was initially driven by the narrative of a young generation peacefully rising up against oppressive authoritarianism to secure a more democratic political system and a brighter economic future.

It spread like wildfire through countries wanting the same things, and today we still have the effects filtering down. In the big picture of energy changes, it is because of the change of energy from a B-Zone (dictatorial rule) to a C-Zone (self-management). The Planet is growing into this type of shift.

Forging Our Own Life

As people grow spiritually, they become less dependent on others for their success and happiness in life. They have their own maturity telling them what they need.  

We can relate to this as we turn 14 years of age and start to assess the world around us as a place that we want to participate in, not as part of a family where our parents speak for us, but as individuals with our own voice. Our road to this may be stormy at first, and other people in our life may not believe we have the maturity to keep ourselves safe in making our own decisions (and they may be right).

But we cannot kill the desire to try. To forge our own way in life. This is how we become spiritually mature: we take small steps into the wilderness of the unknown, and we learn how to survive and hopefully, eventually, how to thrive. When we act in this way, we generally equate it with success at some level, even if, in fact, we experienced a failure, as we learned and grew from the very experience.  

There is a driving spiritual force within us between the ages of 14 and 21 that pushes us against all obstacles to forge our way forward into the darkness of the unknown. Some of us heed its call, and others may not. Some of us may be ready at 14, and others may not.  Certainly, at 14, I was not ready, although the fire was beginning to ignite inside. It took me another 2 or 3 years to address it. I was fortunate to have loving parents who supported my desires when I did. 

The Decision for Self-Determination

Whatever your physical age, self-determination starts with the personal decision to do something or think a certain way, free of influences or opinions of others. Often we need to begin this maturing process by philosophically severing the umbilical cord from our mother and separating from the influence of our father. As we've discussed many times already, knowing the pivot of our feelings will be integral to directing our decisions and enable us to become self-reliant. 

Self-determination on a national level is not much different. When people grow up spiritually (regardless of age), they do not want to be dominated by a dictatorship. They want to participate in the leadership, albeit in only a small way. To cast a vote, join a committee, have freedom of speech, publish one's ideas or opinions on the internet, and create a better world of opportunity for themselves and their children.  

Igniting the Fire Inside

When one is denied these basic freedoms, conflict is created. Firstly the fire inside will not be put out then it begins to burn as it is fuelled by outside forces. 

To use a metaphor, loving parents usually recognise these as necessary steps children want to take to self determine. They were also children and at some time felt the same stirrings.  

As we look on the international stage, what do we feel about the uprisings? 

Mostly it appears the majority of people internationally want to support those denied freedom, and they appreciate the liberty they are personally living and recognise that others need that also. Of course, those protesting will make mistakes in the manner in which they pursue their urge for justice, similarly as 14 – 21-year-olds make mistakes. Our own cultures are rife with the brazen and courageous acts of those few who sacrificed their own safety for the sake of our self-determination as a country and are still doing it today in other less obvious areas of life.

Do You Get the Feeling For Self-Determination?

Everything that happens in the world happens first in energy. We will feel it. That is the time to make our decisions about how to deal with it.

It is an optimal time for many people to learn more about themselves to make meaningful and considered decisions on what they would do with their lives. Learning is essential, but in some ways, that is just filling, which might be inert unless we give it form or structure. Acquiring knowledge about yourself is best followed in a structure that is Spirit-guided, so that we repeat the benefit beyond the life that we are currently living.

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