Million Dollar Question: Do you want more sunshine in your life?

Million Dollar Question: Do you want more sunshine in your life? 

Author: Kristy Kaye

Does your life often feel repetitive and lifeless? Is just turning up getting more difficult? 

If you had even a tiny glimpse of a ‘yes’ peeking through your consciousness, these are normal reactions to not having enough energy in your life. 

How do you get energy, and where does energy come from? 

This is the million-dollar question we all want the answers to. 

Firstly, you are an energy being which is why energy is so important to us. You don’t come from Planet Earth, but it offers you the opportunity to win back energy you lost from deeds you did that were inappropriate in past lives. Each time you negatively interfere in other people’s lives, you put a little dent in your aura that affects your energy flow. 

It is not that you have to turn the other cheek, but you need to not get caught up in other people’s life dramas. 

Of course, this is easier said than done. When it is your loved ones, you want to take sides or take issue that they are being attacked somehow or by someone. Less popular is deciding where the balance of truth resides before you become involved. 

The media available at our fingertips today offers the opportunity to watch emotional battles that have nothing to do with you play out daily. Over time, the truth eventually emerges and then you can form an educated evaluation of what you witnessed. 

In all areas of your life, take a similar attitude of wait and see. Put some detachment and patience before rushing to conclusions and, perhaps, making matters even worse. 

Well, that’s probably the past, so how do you commandeer energy today to uplift to a sunny level?

There are some special steps involved in that. Step 1 may feel a bit complicated, but explanations will all come out in the wash if you go through the steps.

Step One is all about loyalty to you first. 

That’s not about being selfish but understanding that everyone benefits when you put yourself first. You are no friend to anyone if you can’t be loyal to yourself. If you don’t know yourself, how can you know others or assist them as an amateur in the life stakes? 

Step Two is to follow that loyalty with sincerity. 

That means doing something with it. Firstly, make correct evaluations happen because you are loyal to yourself. It also means you are looking within and not without. The part of following sincerity makes you accountable to yourself. You are the worst judge and jury of your actions. If you don’t keep our inner truth from shining, the sun goes down on that day. 

Step Three: Be a good listener. 

That means you will learn the truth behind what you are hearing. If you wait for the dust to settle on any situation, it more than often do a 180-degree turn on your assessments.  If you rush to conclusions, you become emotional and off goes your energy for the day. Emotions are not our feelings; they are the feelings created by our intellect and can seriously mess up your life. You have to feel into the truth, not analyse and dissect it, which is why you need patience. 

Step Four: Direct your own life.

While you visit other people’s lives, you are not directing your own life very well. You are perhaps too distracted. That first step, loyalty to self, has a lot to answer for. It can make your life joyful and fulfilling - or without it, you can be drained and stressed. You need all your energy for you because you have a big job to do, a mission to accomplish. Running around after others and getting involved in their missions can only make your own go off the rails. Just obeying Universal laws would have you deal with yourself first (our energy), your body – implementing the business of your opportunity second and then you can look beyond to others as your third consideration.  Imagine how differently your life would have turned out if you had obeyed this universal law. 

Step 5: Always tell the truth!

Not one that will incriminate you but start practising telling the truth every day. It does wonders to renew your energy. You attract confused souls to your aura, some from past lifetime involvements and some from this lifetime. When you tell the truth, these souls, which are draining your energy, have to find new lodgings because the truth dislodges their hold on you. The lies were their truths that got them captivated instead of moving on to a greater consciousness when they passed on. If you are afraid initially, just tell yourself the truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That will begin a wonderful journey of fabulous energy backing. 

Step 6: Attract Energy backing. 

How do you do it? As a soul having an experience on Planet Earth, you have energy, not a lot but enough. Your Guidance, who assist you, offer you more energy, but since their energy is educational, they only offer it when you engage in certain ways that will enhance your journey and keep you learning about yourself and the world around you.  Discovering how to tap into this enormous energy bank is one of the great missions of your lifetime. When you feel on top of the world, you may be having such an experience. That is how they educate you; offer the energy when you are on your path and pull it when you are not. Your own investigations will tell you that when you are passionate about something, you are usually full of energy. When you are not, you are lacklustre (low in energy), so the answer to that quiz is to do as much as you can under the banner of passion. 

And as you travel your unique journey, sincerely discovering your true identity and the passion for living it, remember this:

You deserve and have access to an unlimited energy source

that invites sunshine into every area of your life.

By following the above steps and having integrity with yourself to follow them as your new modes’ operandi, your life will take on new dimensions of joy and fulfilment in everything you do, allowing your sun to shine at its brightest.

What can you do now?

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