by: Kristy Kaye

This month we bring you a guided meditation (see link below), that is a special meditation that points the way to peace and harmony within.  It allows you to part ways with the chaos in your head and relax into your inner self.  

Why do we need meditations of mindfulness?

The greatest adversary we have in our camp is in our own mind.  Within it is a free for all of thoughts and emotions that in no way service our needs.  It’s like a runaway radio station.  Having us run backwards and forwards to its ever-demanding news broadcasts. 

What are our needs?   

A very important question. We need a quiet mind so that we can hear the still quiet voice within.  That is where we need to take our direction from.   

How is that possible?

In a land of noise and distraction where gaining attention is considered an asset even though it is usually detrimental to us, this can be a challenge.

Of course, to do a meditation we have to choose a quiet place where we will not be disturbed.  We have to focus our mind to service peace and harmony and being in the moment.  

It doesn’t all happen at the first attempt.  We have to work at it to make it something more permanent in our life.  For instance when we are closing down our energy at night It’s also very helpful to promote good restful sleep.   First thing in the morning we can promote a successful day by beginning with a mindfulness meditation. 

But beyond this we need to have mindfulness peace and harmony streaming in our life, even in crowded and noisy places to promote an inner calm.  This will help us to make positive inroads in our relationship with ourselves. 

Where do we begin? 

It’s not easy.  The guided meditations are a first step, but we need other steps to follow. 

As a way of understanding it better: What do we mean when we say I am mindful of your needs, or mindful of your situation?  Or mindful of anything.  It means we are carefully considering those issues making it a point in our mind to hold onto any realizations that may begin our focus.  And that is what mindfulness meditations are all about.   

We move from one point to another to keep the radio turned off.  Out of this comes extraordinary comfort, peace and the ability to read the problems we have in our life.  

The radio is of course our thoughts which even though most are interference they inhibit our ability to discern our pathways and direction for ourselves and keep us in the small picture of our life. 


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