Our Angels In Perspective – Capitalising on their Investments

Our Angels In Perspective – Capitalising on their Investments

By Kristy Kaye

How do we capitalize on their investments in us?  Are they really merely a presence around us – some nice idea we entertain to feel loved and backed?

It may surprise us to realize that our angels are in business 24/7.  They are as we imagine God to be: totally present, and in the profession of backing us to pursue our path and purpose which travels many different highways.  The first highway we find ourselves on brings us realizations of living loyalty to learn about who we are as distinct from all others.  Spiritually, we are not joined at the hip with anyone.  It is totally up to us to take responsibility for all our actions and we have our angels to help guide us through life living this awareness.

How many times do we ask people questions about ourselves that they cannot possibly answer?  How many ideas float through our head that we actively pursue but which are not anchored to anything that will impact us positively?  How much time do we invest in trivia and how could we redirect this time to our enrichment?  

The answer to these all-important questions is uncomplicated: we need to find out 

more about our angels and how to communicate with them to ascertain how to make our life more dynamically engineered in our favor.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi:
“Be the change you want to see in the world”. 

To truly pursue this philosophy it is as effortless as consciously joining forces with our angels and harnessing the dividends of their investments in us.   We can then meaningfully produce the fruits of our own journey of self-discovery.  But firstly we may have questions about them such as: What are they?  When are they with us? Where are they?  Why are there angels? 

What are they?

Our angels are master souls who have mastered the lessons of Planet Earth and graduated to a higher plane of consciousness than the one we are presently living in.

Our angels are unlimited in their ability to travel at the speed of light and with their omnipotent energy what they can create may appear miraculous to us.

 They can be here, there and everywhere in seconds.   They use their spiritual real estate (their huge aura) to live their boundless, limitless, altruistic nature and they are around us to help us learn the same lessons as they did, and specifically relating to exactly what we are experiencing day by day.  

They make the things we struggle to do seem effortless and help us climb out of our lower selves into higher levels of consciousness.   For the short time we each live on planet earth they back us unconditionally, loyal to supporting us in our quest, or as we may be more familiar with the term, our purpose.  This does not mean they do our bidding.  They are intelligent energy that we cannot manipulate or control.  This, their magnanimity, is their only nature.  

Where are they?

Being on planet earth with an intellect means we are subject to outside influences.   For the purposes of living here in a planetary body, we need an intellect to steer our body.  It does not have any wisdom extending beyond its planetary experiences, and therefore requires us to drive our opportunity from our other nature, our feelings, in the direction our Soul needs to travel moment by moment.   Our angels support our feelings desire with insights and energy to give our intellect direction.

Without this governance, we can pursue the wrong pathways and waste our precious time that is so crucial to enable us to heal ourselves, gain enlightenment, educate others and graduate from planet earth.   This process, of having an intellect, is an integral part of the journey back to our own omnipotence, discovering who we really are as distinct from our temptations to be lesser than that, and taking the passageways back to our purity of being.  With each investment in truth we experience a tremendous release of our inner power as we embrace it even in minor ways.  

When are they with us?

Our angels are ever-present – and even aware of our thoughts moment by moment.  As thoughts influence our life negatively or positively in a conscious or unconscious way, our angels assist us to peel off the layers of misunderstanding (myths) we have about ourselves, taking one step at a time to purify our energy and release it from its enslavement through these lesser ideas about ourselves.  They encourage us to live our inner truth and bathe in the wondrous energy their backing produces.   We can feel chills and a high-energy feeling of enthusiasm when working with them. 

Why are there angels?

We, each of us, visiting Planet Earth have concepts (misunderstandings of the realities of who we are) developed over lifetimes, so ingrained that they augment into tendencies that travel with us from lifetime to lifetime until we address them. Bad habits develop from these.  Our angels help us overcome and heal them.  As well as angels, we have chosen parents, children and partners to help us unravel the knots in our energy these concepts (errors of judgment) have generated.   Possibly the people we choose are a mixture of those who have the same tendencies and those who have overcome them.   As like cures like, we will, with this assistance, productively develop a desire to not want to inflict the same misunderstandings on our children or others that we love.  This way we follow our purpose by refining old misinterpretations into a new dynamic spontaneous focus. 

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