Snakes & Ladders in the Cosmic Game of Love

Snakes & Ladders in the Cosmic Game of Love

Ian Mansell

If we look at the state of this planet in late 2022, with wars and arguments, political shambles and social unrest bordering on civil war in many places, it is easy to see that we are at a crisis point in terms of unchecked anger and resentment.

What we are witnessing is the final showdown for the Out-Of-Balance of the Intuitive Gift, and it is essential that we come to an understanding about our anger before the planet destroys itself.

When we reflect on history from a spiritual perspective, humankind reached a significant turning point when the Intuitive Gift appeared. Prior to that, we were a society of hunter-gatherers – the Feeling Gift – where we satisfied our physical needs with the food and shelter we found around us. 

The Intuitive gift brought in the ability to control our environment and change things around to our advantage, and we started using tools, planting crops, building houses and herding animals.

Being able to give direction to our environment also gave rise to our desire to live in communities and hence a need for leaders who could give direction to other people. Inevitably, the purity of leadership became corrupted by a thirst for power and a greed for whatever mechanisms – economic, military, hereditary and religious – that could amplify the ability of one individual to dominate his fellow villagers.

We have all been the victims (and perpetrators!) of this corruption over countless recent lifetimes.

Our soul parts retain the memories of the pain, indignities and resentment from lifetimes of persecution and manipulation. As long as these frustrations remain within us, unregrouped and unhealed, they act as triggers for our emotional outbursts.

We may get annoyed at our partner's / boss's / workmate's / children's behaviour over issues that seem to be ridiculously trivial when examined in the light of the following day. Yet, we may be unable to curb our anger from arising again on subsequent similar occasions..... until we eventually discover the actual underlying trigger, which may lie in a long-forgotten event in our childhood and/or a past lifetime.

The person we are angry with now may indeed have been present in the past life or maybe simply displaying behaviour that is similar to or reminiscent of a past perpetrator. 

We can hold an astonishing amount of emotional energy within our aura and physical body in the form of unresolved resentment, self-pity and outrage over the injustices we have suffered over the centuries. Just think over the history of the societies we have been a part of, which television and movies have given us unparalleled access to, and you will know you have probably been involved in slavery, warfare, witch-hunts, medieval tortures, religious persecution, political intrigues and commercial treachery, either as a victim or a perpetrator.

Unless you have gone back with your guidance to examine your own roles in these and the real facts behind your involvements, you will not be able to truly defuse the triggers by releasing the souls and forgiving those responsible.

Forgiveness is the only possible resolution to these conflicts: anything less is just a postponement – a temporary truce. Anyone familiar with Trance Healing knows how unresolved conflicts can keep aggrieved souls in limbo for literally millennia while they await their ‘day in court'.

True forgiveness necessitates an honest discernment of the 'bigger picture' of the situation – going beyond the simple claim and counterclaim of the dispute, looking at other less obvious factors influencing the parties and taking into account the level of awareness of each party. With a magnanimous sense of benevolence, we then choose to forgive everyone involved, learning whatever lessons we can from the experience and closing the chapter so all involved can move on to their next opportunity - without any lingering concerns.

In such ways, love can conquer any adversity. We can rise above the emotional entanglements to see our past misdemeanours as necessary learning stages in our growth towards maturity and enlightenment. 

We may eventually reach a philosophical viewpoint whereby, just as the dark is necessary to appreciate the light and an absence of kindness needed to fully appreciate the joy of giving and receiving, so it is that every experience on this planet is an opportunity to discover the depths and diversity of the human condition. The universal light of Spirit is here to illuminate all facets of human nature, so everything it reveals is a learning experience for us as we climb the ladders of awareness.

Getting caught in the emotional swamps of anger and resentment, however, are the backward step in this cosmic game of Snakes and Ladders.

When we love the entirety of our opportunity this lifetime, when we love the love we receive from Spirit and our angels – we can love ourselves, warts and all, and spread that love over everyone we meet. None of us is perfect – we are all learning and making mistakes as we go along – but it is the light of that love we are all growing towards as we climb our ladders that is the sole reason for our existence.

What can you do now?

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