Success Can Be Simple – 9 Daily Actions

Success Can Be Simple – 9 Daily Actions

Author: Leiza Mosley

What does success look like to me…. It's simple!

This is an incredibly short blog as I like to keep it really simple!  Why? Because grand plans years into the future not only overwhelm me, but they take me away from living joy in the moment.  I'm not saying it's not worth having a vision or strategy for future fulfilment; it's just that if I focus on the below 9 daily actions, they will take me closer to my goal anyway.

  1. To me, success is feeling great as soon as I open my eyes in the morning.
  2. It's having the energy to keep up with my three school-aged children and busy lifestyle.
  3. It's having self-loyalty and sincerity to follow through on whatever is in my best interest.
  4. It's discerning ALL my decisions with my Guidance to ensure I'm on the right path.
  5. It's never feeling irritable and snappy, always feeling calm, balanced and in control. (This is a constant work in progress for me!!)
  6. It's practising an act of self-love each day.
  7. It's choosing nourishing food and moving my body.
  8. It's practising Gratitude with every breath.
  9. It's interacting with like-minded people and making daily positive changes to learn, grow and heal myself each day.

My foundation for this outlook comes from the amazing courses, spiritual healings, books and profiles I have done with Living Illumination, for which I am eternally grateful.  I am on a continual path of learning, growth and development and am 100% responsible for transforming my life to a higher level of success in everything I do!

What can you do now?

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