Success - what does it mean to you?

Success - what does it mean to you?

Author: Julie DeBondt

The ever-elusive goal that we all chase. Success. The meaning of what this is for all of us can be very different, and it can also be very different at various stages of our lives. 

You chase, and you pursue, and you either wear yourself out and burn out, or you do finally achieve your goals and acquire what you thought  “success” would be – only to find the feeling of it to be shallow, hollow and worthless.  Both of these outcomes can leave you feeling disenchanted with life, and often this is when depression or anxiety sets in - with a feeling of complete loss of purpose and fulfilment. I mean, what IS the point of all of this?  You start to ask yourself the meaning of your own lives.  Why ARE you here?

You know how some dates stick with you through your life – like anniversaries and birthdays?  It was March 17, 2013, when I was lucky enough to find my way to a completely different point of view of what success would be for me. A life-changing day.

I was working as a Real Estate Agent in Melbourne. Very “successful”, some might say.  I earned over $200,000 per year, had the house on the bay, a loving husband, travelled the world on amazing holidays and lots of good times with friends.  I mean, what more could you want, right?  Still, there was an empty hollowness that I rarely would even address in my heart.  If I kept moving fast enough in my life, then it wasn’t so noticeable.  It wasn’t a big deal, really.  Like an itch you can’t scratch that finally goes away.  But deep inside, there was a yearning for more.  I didn’t know what the “more” actually was. And it never really went away.

On March 17, 2013, I did the Business of Life course.  A friend had recommended it, and I had always been interested in and drawn towards spiritual things.  More like a fascination, really.  On this day, I learned that we all have our own team of personal Guides and I became connected to mine.  The beings that had quietly whispered in my ear for the past 55 years.  Letting me know that there was more.  They were the itch I could not scratch – that never went away.  They would nudge me every so often when some amazing coincidences or synchronicities happened.  But I would rarely notice.  I’d brush it off as luck.  Everyone has these, but few pauses to enquire where these “nudges” – or intuition has come from.  

They had literally saved my life on more than one occasion on near misses that would have been life-ending.  But I was still here, and still here wondering why.  On that day, I finally “met” the only souls that held the answer to that question.  My Guides knew what my life plan and purpose were. Rather than going to all of the clairvoyants, I finally had gained direct access to the answers I had been consciously and unconsciously seeking my whole life.  

So my relationship with them began. Very shaky and disbelieving at first, and  I would put them to the test all the time to “prove” to me that they were real.  Like any relationship – it took time.  

But over the months and then years, as I explored my life and my past lives (which they revealed to me), things started to make a lot more sense.  Even with more than 20 years of doing personal development courses, I healed things that could not be healed.  It became a journey of self-discovery as I unravelled my past and put myself back together again.

I explored (and continue to do so) all of the programming and conditioning that drove me on to that ever-elusive chasing of success. I have learned things about myself that nobody could have known unless they had travelled every single minute of this lifetime with me. My Guides have done precisely that.  The memories they have brought back into my consciousness to heal allow me to free myself from the past and reshape my life entirely and create and manifest whatever I now consider success. I am now creating it from my Soul's pure, undiluted energy.  

My view of success has greatly shifted.  I no longer chase the big $$ or the accolades from others. Success no longer lives outside of me. It is in me.  Waiting to be tapped in to and manifest itself into whatever I feel like in the moment.  It doesn’t live out there in the future somewhere.  It lives in every moment.  It lives in silence where I can hear my heartbeat and know that it is connected to so much more. It lives in me, revelling in my own uniqueness and the privilege of experiencing this journey with others offering theirs.  No home, no money, no relationship outside of myself can ever bring me this joy and feeling of success.  It lives in my heart, and I now take it everywhere I go.

I wish everyone could experience what I have got to experience this lifetime.  Freedom. Joy. Gratitude. Satisfaction.  And yes, success.

What can you do now?

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