Unlocking the Vault of Wisdom: Reconnect with Your Authentic Self

Unlocking the Vault of Wisdom: Reconnect with Your Authentic Self

by: Ian Mansell

Wisdom is the distillate obtained from our life experiences. Each night while we sleep, our soul part, our feeling nature, digests the experiences of the day. We process what happened, our responses to it and the feelings that were stimulated. 

On the way back to our body we often experience dreams which play out in a symbolic way, the challenges we faced and the dilemmas, the joys and the fears associated with our response to them. This is the process our guidance use to assist us to wrap up our experiences, consolidating the essence of our learning, and allowing us to add it to the enormous library of wisdom we have stored in our feelings.

The process is rather analogous to the production of whisky, where malted barley is crushed (challenged), mixed with water (emotions) and left to ferment. We “mull” over our experiences as we sleep. Over time, as we mature, we gradually let go of the details of our raw experiences, filtering off the residues until we are left with the pure essence of refined wisdom. [Interesting that we call whisky and its friends “spirits”]

Our feeling nature is the repository of all our wisdom from our many many lifetimes. Our intellect, which only knows this lifetime, knows nothing about our true wisdom and will often try to argue against its very existence.

Our childhood upbringing has likely been filled with admonishments to “stop just doing whatever you feel and think first!” In our feelings we are spontaneous and lightning fast in our reactions. Indeed as adults we may spend vast amounts of time practising our skills so we can perform them from our feelings with minimal interference from our intellect: think of an athlete, a typist, a musician, an artist, a racing driver....

The childhood training we receive to “think before we act” is of course absolutely necessary to survive in a modern society. We do have to discipline our behaviour so we don’t run out on the road without looking, we don’t upset others by taking their things without permission, we don’t treat our teachers disrespectfully and so on.

So we do need to allow our intellect to overrule our feelings when it comes to safety, respect and social cohesion. But by then allowing our intellectual ideas to completely dominate our feelings we will find ourselves leading a robotic, joyless life, devoid of spontaneity, inspiration and creativity.

We must find a balance between intellect and feelings. We have to abandon a dualistic black and white, right and wrong view of life – we cannot live life religiously – and must instead learn the art of discernment. We must bravely abandon the old religious rules that our parents taught us and boldly step off the clifftop into a world where we make our own decisions according to the needs of the moment and accept responsibility for the consequences of our choices.

If our feelings, which are like a time-track of all our past lives, contain raw, unregrouped memories of ‘failures’ and ‘disasters’ which we are still emotional about, we will be “inexplicably” fearful of making our own decisions lest we be held responsible for something going wrong (AGAIN!!).

This might be the case if :

  • You never really rebelled against your parents as a teenager,
  • You are uncomfortable about being a healer or a leader
  • You are obsessed about getting outside approval for your choices
  • You are paralysed by criticism
  • You are challenged by having to be self-loyal and loving yourself

A great chunk of our spiritual healing will be consumed by us having to go back (with our angels) to review and ultimately defuse these ‘landmines’. 

The Pathways Courses are where much of this happens, accompanied by Trance Healings.

In the meantime, we can start to make friends again with our feeling nature by practising the “Sense, Organise, Act” technique. This technique reminds us that we need to allow 

  • Our inspirations to set our direction in life from our feelings
  • Our thinking intellect to only be the servant of that inspiration by working out how best to manifest it in the physical world, and then
  • Action to create actual change

Making friends with our feelings is how we open the doors to our wisdom – our true, unique wisdom that we have accumulated over all our lifetimes. 

It is the secret to living our uniqueness; to becoming the authentic you.

The Authentic You is wise - inexplicably wise – confident, inspiring and totally fearless!

You can access the wisdom you acquired in every lifetime  - the treasures you laid up from all your experiences. Each lifetime is like a cave containing golden coins and gems of wisdom. Yet so often we are too afraid or too ashamed to go back in there: to confront the snarling guard dogs that we ourselves placed there to keep others from discovering our ‘shameful’ secrets: -  that we were somehow less than perfect, much too human, allowed ourselves to be seduced and manipulated by evils or the pleasures of the flesh or were otherwise imperfect in our choices.

Only our self-imposed shame and self-loathing keeps us from opening the vaults and accessing the full glory of our own legacy.

Reconnecting ourself to our own accumulated wisdom is what our spiritual journey is all about.

The creativity released by the restoration of that connection is the justification for the existence of Living Illumination and is the reward that awaits Planet Earth.

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