What others are saying about trance healing tables

What others are saying about trance healing tables 

By Kristy Kaye

We all would love to believe in magic but sadly there is always a simple explanation for how our eyes deceive us. The magician has perfected his skills and can make the illusion cement its impression.  

Trance is not magic but if we are new to its amazing ability to search out and heal confused souls that sound the same as we do when we are out of balance, we will agree that it is the closest event to magic that we will ever experience in a lifetime. These souls interfere with our success in life so it does not take us long to recognize the lasting affects of the healings. 

When the souls leave we feel the relief and we return to the healing tables again and again to heal other souls. After a while like all magic we begin to understand how it works and can depict souls talking to us rather than believing it is our thoughts.  

This is a great break through for most people. Many things they had attributed to self blame were just confused souls talking to them and when they are liberated so is the person having the healing.

People returning also begin to target different level tables of either A, B or C recognizing the type of energy that may have recently been affecting them and select their healing based on this. 

Many believing it is too good to be true, return again and again to have more healings. Each time they return the souls they heal are more potent and relevant and the person being healed has more acute awareness.  

It is a phenomenon that special trained priests carried out long ago.  It was considered too secretive to let the layperson have access to.  

Luckily those days are behind us. But a word of caution: Trance healings are only to be performed by those professionally qualified and certified Consultants who have all the necessary training to deal with this type of healing.

Procedures are strictly followed to ensure the safety and respect of each individual that comes for a healing.  Because it is such a unique experience for each participant, this environment ensures we have everyone’s best interest at heart.

Many people come with experiences of believing they were healed in the hands of inexperienced people. The souls do not leave and move from person to person. This can be a nightmare for the inexperienced person playing the role of the healer. The healings at these unfortunate events are anything but healings.  

Professional Trance Healing Tables are the only ones ever held by Living Illumination. They are the most revelatory practice to assist you in your soul discovery, to heal your past lives, understand your present and change your future reality to one you were destined to live.

Choose Trance Healings Tables as your next commitment to living your true nature.  Register now on our events page in a City near you.

© Kristy Kaye 2021