Why is Unplugging from the Matrix Important?

Why is Unplugging from the Matrix Important?

By Kristy Kaye


The movie The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Hogo Weaving earned over USD 465 million at the box office in 1999 and was praised by critics, filmmakers and audiences. There were those, including philosopher William Irwin, who have suggested that the film explores significant philosophical and spiritual themes.

The movie resonated so strongly with audiences, as it is symbolic of how we live our life. Why is this important in our awakening journey? We can have personal and cultural beliefs often formed in our first seven years. These belief systems can divert us in a different direction than our spiritual path, wasting time chasing fairy tales. We often have also formed limiting beliefs on who we are and why we are here.

Another way to look at it is a web of programming we’re all involved in. Part of our journey is about overcoming our programming to follow innately what we feel. Our programming may make us think we have to fit in. We instead need to play the game of life and not get caught in it. We can get caught up by what society dictates through media, greed, peer group pressure. Spiritual enlightenment and awakening are often about finding your own passion in life not being directed by what society is projecting.

In her book ‘The Constitution of the Soul’, Kristy Kaye, author and spiritual mentor, gives us some insight into the benefits of developing a habit of unplugging. She quotes:-

“By controlling our thoughts, we can begin our return to peace within. To simplify it, all we have to do is watch our thoughts, although in practice, habits can prove tenacious to shift. Why? Because any predisposition to conduct ourselves with limitations is best coaxed out of us. We otherwise keep going back to that automated mode of conduct that is familiar and may not even recognise these idiosyncrasies.

Alternatively we can criticise ourselves for not being perfect, and this locks us tighter into the clutches of the habit, thus harnessing us to a sense of hopelessness. Another inhibiting quality that can stagnate our spiritual growth is when we want to be positive and become addicted to the good news about ourselves and reject the truth for what it really is, which can help us fall into the category of living delusion.”

Our planetary life is rich with examples. Things like getting a good education and job as the measure of your success; spending hours on social media each day to ensure your currency; emotional habits or undeserving concepts like, “I’m not good enough”, or making other people authority figures; performing deeds out of duty instead of desire; playing a role instead of being a soul; or any debilitating patterns of behaviour including criticising ourselves for not being perfect or seeking outside approval.

How can you feel your purpose if you are caught up in the distractions around you? Others can influence us at the expense of our unique purpose and its direction. Others, in turn, can become affected by us at the cost of their individual purpose.

People may generally be following a promising career or a money trail instead of investing in what feels good to do. But at the end of their life, is it going to add up to qualities they can take with them, such as wisdom? Or were they driven by a concern for greed or pride?

To live the business of our purpose, we must learn the difference between our inner truth and our programming. The inner truth is the dialogue of our soul, whereas our programming is the dialogue of our intellect or mind.

How does one then control their thoughts and return to peace within? The best place to start is by creating a place of stillness in mind. It becomes the gateway to your soul. It will help you see the illusions your life is involved in versus what is real - your truth and its expression. We notice our real feelings that we have become separated from. We aspire to live a higher state of consciousness and seek relief from outside stimulation.

The awareness created in this stillness and what we’re experiencing in our environment enables us to work on healing the separation from ourselves and make the ambition to advance our self-discovery. Our inner truth is a great driving force to carry us on our unique life adventure.


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