Winging It Without the Facts

The Pitfalls of Not Discerning the What, When, Where and Why

The webinar was about a new product launch, what appeared to be a great idea. As I listened, the questions from the participants came flooding in, the risks, possibility for disputes and legal liability unfolded and confusion reigned. In the end it was stated that a lot of the issues had not been thought of so it would need to be worked out along the way even though it had been launched – sorry about that – but can you please act on an expected loyalty basis and go forth and sell, sell, sell ...

Now I’m all for ideas and change and love collaboration and consultation. I love velocity with ideas and action. I love the process of checking the veracity of proposals and weeding our misconceptions, false assumptions so we have a solid ground to move on. However, launching a product without discerning all the facts - the What, When, Where and Why makes me very uncomfortable. In my view in Australia, we have one of the most highly regulated business environments on the planet, but the upside of that, is it forces you to gather all the facts, starting with a solid “Why” of what you are doing and who will benefit, discern a clear purpose and path, look at and address the risks and come up with a solid plan for success. The pitfalls if you don’t are that you will possibly meet litigation, failure or disrepute – or at the very least, waste valuable time for yourself and others.

It made me wonder how often do we have an idea and proceed in life without discerning the facts for ourselves – not just in business – but in all our experiences? Have you ever joined in on something or with someone, to find out years later there you did not experience the fulfillment you had anticipated and you’ve wasted years and years?

So how do we avoid these pitfalls? How do we develop foresight?

The reality is, whenever you feel anxious about a decision that you need to make, it will be because you do not have all the relevant information (the facts of the What, When, Where and Why) necessary to induce relaxed and peaceful deliberation. Being factual keeps us solution oriented. Without the facts deception and fantasy can render us confused, anxious and inevitably emotional. This never works out well!

Acknowledging and respecting that each of us has our own resource of wisdom (although we may not at this moment be in contact with it) is the first step. It is crucial that you are in the driver’s seat of your life, choosing the pathways that you wish to take. Our inner truth is a great driving force to carry us on our own unique life adventure. All of us are amazing unique souls, with unlimited potential.

The universe opens the curtain for those of us with the right intentions, are in their truth, and are committed to being of benefit to others. If at anytime we choose to be opportunistic, we will be denied insights and discernment. In these circumstances, if we persist, we will be working with the negative energy and not Spirit, which will possibly give us misleading visual or auditory impressions and bad experiences.

The solution is to become aware of and learn to use our two natures, one we feel with (our feeling nature) and one we think with (our intellect). When we tune into our feeling nature – that part of us that is limitless, boundless and immortal that gives us access to the wisdom of our experiences – past and present. It is where our inner truth and discernment live and from where our unique vibration seeks out the echo of what is good for our soul’s path and purpose. It is from this part we get the “Why” of what we are doing. When we have that, we have a strong impression of knowing our path or involvement, and then we can engage our intellect to gather the fact to make it a success.

Too often we simply do it the other way around, convince ourselves we are right in our initial decision to take a path, wing it along the way and work tirelessly to make it work, and then when it doesn’t work as expected wonder “Why” we wasted our time.

The secret to success:Get the ”Why” the right way around!

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