Andrew Bauer

QLD Consultant, Facilitator of 1st & 2nd level courses

0400 274 343
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Andrew spent his first 30 years of life feeling like he didn’t fit in and that there was something wrong with him. He was always looking to improve himself – usually with the intention of “fixing something wrong with him”. Somethings helped a bit, while a lot did not. Also working in Corporate IT roles, he spent a lot of time “thinking”, and was mostly disconnected from the world and himself. 

After doing courses with Living Illumination, he discovered how much he judged himself through the lens of “what others thought”, having him live a false-loyalty to these “others” and cutting himself off from the love and joy within. This insight had a profound impact on him. 

In addition to consulting with Living Illumination, Andrew now runs his own businesses and focuses his attention on discovering, unfolding, and sharing his truth within – helping and assisting others to do the same for themselves.