Caitlyn O'Connor Energy Healing Practitioner, Consultant, Facilitator of 4th level courses

Energy Healing Practitioner, Consultant, Facilitator of 4th level courses

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Caitlyn began her career in various International Finance and Telecommunications Companies as a Personal Assistant to CEOs. After establishing a reputation for efficacy and commitment to the job, throughout her career Caitlyn was headhunted by Corporations for her efficiency, dedication and love of the opportunities that came across her desk. During this time as a Corporate Executive, she attended meetings and organized events as well as handling the normal management of staff and middle management her career title attracted.

Caitlyn’s father died in 1997 and her already burgeoning spiritual career suddenly became her priority. She searched for the understanding of how she could best support a loved one through their period of transition and beyond. Her positive experience throughout this time grew a love and desire in the spiritual arena. Most people only seek spiritual understandings when they experience death first hand.

Caitlyn experienced the possibilities of clarification and freedom for all through this process. It provided the impetus for her to transfer all her skills and endeavors to join the pioneering team that supported and built a spiritual enterprise. One that would help people to understand this transitional experience - one of life’s greatest mysteries for many - and demystify it. Caitlyn is now a key service provider in this healing modality that is nurturing, compassionate, practical, and revelatory, all attributes that she too possesses. It has and continues to change the lives of many as has she. This organization has now merged into Living Illumination.

Caitlyn’s passion for connecting souls, in and out of bodies with their guidance, has taken her on an adventure into the world of Astro Soul Travel Trance Healing. Having been at the forefront of this healing movement for over 20 years, her many and varied experiences have refined her expertise in this realm which has subsequently brought many searchers to seek healing and clarification of themselves for their Spiritual furtherance.

Caitlyn is one of Living Illuminations most experienced Instructors, Healers and Lecturers. She herself has trained in many aspects of spiritually edifying programs and today she consults and instructs to all levels of searchers.