Ready to Transform your life?

Everyone wants a better life but knowing how to create it represents a whole other challenge. We can help!

How do you relate to yourself, others and to life events? What makes you unique? 

Have you tried to rely on your intuition with limited success? 

There is a better way.

Do you want to know how many Angels/Guides/Master Souls you have?

Do you want to learn to communicate with them? 

Get answers to every question you have ever wanted to ask

with real and lasting Results!

Core Four Essential Program Living Illumination

Book into the Business of Life Workshop using this link, or call us on 1300 718 257.

This workshop is one of our ‘core four’ services we offer as the pillars of success essential for you to live a life you only once imagined.

Business of Life Workshop

The Business of life Workshop

Life Blockage Release 1-2-1 Consultation

Life Blockage Release 1-2-1 Consultation

FREE Energy Meditations

FREE Energy Meditations



   you will learn things not offered in any other course. 

At the end, you will feel inspired and confident about you, your purpose and your life.

Plus have the drive and energy to apply what you have learned for real and 


         We deliver that experience at every Business of Life Workshop.  

After this profound and unique workshop, you will have all the resources you need to directly transform the quality of your life and relationships.

You will experience a personalised and deep understanding of who you are as a soul, step-by-step revelations, tools, and techniques that you can apply immediately to be able to think, feel and act beyond your existing experience.


We invite you to our Energy Awakening FREE Event

Take a tour of your world - your spiritual world. Are you more than this physical person experiencing planet earth and its challenges? This Energy Awakening opens your understanding to yourself as a soul and its implications. How to balance your energy, communicate with your team of Master Souls, learn about the energy of confusion and how it affects you. Learn some techniques to help clear your energy.

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Do You Believe In Angels?

Throughout history, when alone and silent, we have felt the presence of some kind of unseen, wise and loving entity whose advice can be sought in times of need. Whether we name them Angels, Guides, Master Souls or Spirit, loving concern is available whenever we ask.

Before we were born, we made a contract with a team of angels to be our mentors this lifetime. They know what our plan and our spiritual needs are this lifetime, and they are tasked with helping us to stay on track no matter what befalls us.

Living Illumination will show you how you can make this relationship a conscious dialogue that enhances every aspect of your daily life.

Do you believe in Angels?
What are you doing to live your best life?

What are you doing to live your best life?

If you are asking yourself 'how can I reach the next level of self-mastery in every area of my life?' we can help you.

Unleash your full potential with easy-to-learn practical tools that can change how you think and how you approach everything!

Find or create a sense of purpose, find genuine inner happiness, get rid of negativity and doubts, learn how to overcome obstacles and fears, improve relationships with others, achieve personal freedom and independence, share love with people around you, and deepen the meaning of your life.

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Pillars of Success Living Illumination

Pillars of Success with Living Illumination

These four courses form the pillars of success essential for your life, and will inspire you to realise your uniqueness and make bold and courageous moves, take action on long-held dreams and live a life you only once imagined.

Business of Life Workshop

OUR FOUNDATIONAL WORKSHOP – The Business of Life Workshop

Experience the wisdom of Living Illumination and allow your guides to help shift your energy into alignment. Get clear on what is holding you back from a true expression of YOU. Come see how in just 5 short hours of taking our foundational workshop, it will change the very structure of your life!

Learn how to manifest a clear two-way communication with your guides. The foundations for a clear interaction between you and your environment. With specific techniques to cleanse you and your environment. 

Join the thousands who've already taken our workshops. Check out what we have to offer.

Business of Life Workshop
Energy Meditation

Free Energy Meditation Sessions

These energy meditations help you set your energy  for the week ahead, clearing obstacles and lighting the path. Find your own answers to the difficult questions you have in your life which are usually the most important. Start your week off with these amazing FREE community events.

This is a weekly 15 minute online meditation to help you settle and focus your energy for the week ahead, clearing obstacles from your path and lighting the way for positive insightful solutions to the challenges you face.  This FREE community event benefits not only yourself but also your business environment, your loved ones and the community you inhabit.

FREE Energy Meditations

Life Blockage

Life Blockage Release One-2-One Consultation and Profile 

The Life Blockage Release Consultation is a foundational one-on-one consultation helping you understand and heal limiting concepts or fears that for years, or even millennia, have negatively affected the way you view life. This can save years of indecision and relationship anguish. This is called your First Blockage. Because it is stimulated several times, eventually you have to overcome your timidity and heal it as part of your life mission. The Life Blockage Release Consultation reveals your blockage and provides the tools to release yourself from its grip.

Life Blockage Release 1-2-1 Consultation

Trance Healing Clinics

Public Trance Healing Clinics

Have helped many who are aware of feeling pressured, being drained, or uncomfortable in their energy which does not fit with who they know themselves to be, or desire to be. This public program has been offered by Living Illumination for over 30 years and offers powerful insights on passing over and healing the pressure and confusion that affects your enthusiasm, energy and drive for a successful life.

Trance clinics are held in person at regular events in Melbourne, Sydney and SE Queensland. They are always a life-changing experience!

Trance Healing Clinics

Intellect v Feelings?

There is often a disconnect between what we think we should do and what our inner gut feelings are telling us. We have been born into an intellectual world, yet we come with lifetimes of programming and wisdom that our intellect alone cannot access.  Our intellect has to be taught to let go of its control to allow our feeling nature to express itself. Balancing a thought for every feeling and a feeling for every thought is how we achieve a balanced life.

Feelings are lightning-fast energy-charged impressions that we experience through our predominant Spiritual gift.  They are usually insights or alarms coming from the accumulated wisdom of our many lifetimes or direct promptings from our Angels. They contain the seeds for an enthusiastic, motivated and fulfilling life.

As we learn to tune into and trust our feeling impressions, life becomes much easier. Our intellect was only born this lifetime and is best used for putting facts to our discerned feelings.

Intellect V Feelings

Living Illumination has one mission: to change lives worldwide, to awaken the human spirit and unlock those forces for profound transformation. View our list of services and testimonials at:   |  P: 1300 718 257