Ian Mansell NSW Consultant Facilitator 1st, 2nd & 3rd level Courses

NSW Consultant, Facilitator of 1st, 2nd & 3rd level courses

0421 422 880
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Ian came to Spirit’s work from a wide range of life experiences: - research biochemist, symphony orchestra musician, instrument repairer, teacher, union organiser, publisher, house renovator, nurseryman…

Coming from a very intellectual background, his journey to unfold his sensitivity took him from a hippy lifestyle through astrology and tarot, Edgar Cayce, Scientology and libraries of books until he finally discovered the forerunner of the Living Illumination program in 1996. He was delighted to find a pathway that was practical, personal, devoid of theory or ritual or gurus, yet heart-warmingly

He soon became a leader, instructor and lecturer in the program.
But the real quantum leap occurred in 2001 when the Pathways courses first appeared. Ian “took the red pill” when he began to experience the profound and lasting healings that these courses produce, resolving to devote his life to their promulgation.

Since 2003 Ian has been a full-time member of the Living Illumination team. He has taken many courses, instructed them to many others and been involved in countless Trance Healings right across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Now based in Sydney, Ian is an insightful Feeler.