Jo Birro Consultant, Facilitator of 1st level Courses

QLD, Northern NSW Consultant, Facilitator of 1st level courses

0436 350 047
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Jo is passionate about the business of life, about understanding her true nature and empowering others.

She has a background in health and wellbeing, small business and spiritual consulting.

Originally from the UK, Jo came to Australia in 1991 and set about her spiritual search for herself a few years later.

Having run a small business for many years as a Bowen Practitioner and Massage Therapist, Jo also undertook many spiritual courses, as well as consultant training with Living Illumination.

Through all of her training and background Jo understands the power of personal connection and compassion to help make a difference in our own and others lives. She now is working full time as a consultant.

She loves to connect others with the essence of who they are as a soul so that they may have clarity of purpose in life to feel empowered, loyal and true.

Jo works with the Qld and Northern Rivers team to provide services in the community and is a passionate ambassador for Living Illumination, she would like to leave a legacy for the planet and help the individual to connect and evolve their levels of consciousness using the profound system of spirit.