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5001B Life Blockage Profile

Life Blockage Release Profile

The secret to living a purposeful life that fits with your ‘soul identity’ and your destiny is revealing and releasing limitations and gaining profound freedom to accelerate your life and spiritual growth. To live a life you dream of – spirited, energetic, involved and inspired.

The Life Blockage Release Consultation is a foundational one-to-one consultation that has helped many to discover and understand their limiting concepts or fears that for years, or even millennia, affect the way you view life...

Gift Identification Profile

Gift Identification Profile

Each of us is involved in stretching our aura back into its own unique shape, regaining its point, and following our own unique path and direction. There are no exceptions to this spiritual law, and although it may not present initially as a feel-good happening, its ultimate changes are miraculous.

This Profile’ unfolds your Gifts of Perception identified in the Transform Your Life: The ‘Business of Life’ Workshop from an enlightened perspective. In order for your Angels to facilitate smooth delivery of their messages to you, they use your order of perception. It is imperative that you qualify how you converse, to use your perceptions in balance, and pivot from this understanding to have the breakthroughs you want to enable you to live your contentment and fulfilment...

Unique Vibration Profile

Unique Vibration Profile - Discovering my Life's Journey

Are you really inspired to Master Your Life and fill it with passion, purpose, and energy?

 There is no ceiling to your spiritual growth, and after you have discovered your personal team of Angels from the ‘Business of Life’ workshop, you may wish to accelerate your understanding of your soul part and your life’s journey.

The Unique Vibration Profile is a phenomenal one-to-one consultation, that is offered uniquely by Living Illumination, and unfolds and identifies detailed messages from each of your angels about your personal, business and social energy, and how and why they are backing you in these areas. You identify, through these messages, your purpose and the life lessons your Angels have come to back you with to master this lifetime...

Pure Communication & its Challenges Profile

Pure Communication & its Challenges Profile

Do you desire to refine your communication style and your Gifts of Perception to embody who you really are, how you behave, how you communicate to yourself and the world around you so you can master every area of your life – personal, business, social and spiritual?

This Profile’ works to release pressure and confusion around your first perception and your ‘maze’, put your Soul back as Master of your life and tremendously increases your success. Once you clear up these challenges, you will begin to retrieve your spiritual territory, demand your own energy for yourself, and prosper in your growth and enhancement...

Chakra Balancing Profile

Chakra Balancing Profile

Powerful people that are following their true path and purpose are impressive. You’ve noticed them – they affect positive changes and make a difference in their world, with a force that attracts and energises. Want to know their secret?

Our Chakra system is a powerful energy force for your bodies. Each one is a centre of activity that receives, assimilates and expresses life force energy and services specific parts of the body.

This life force energy comes from the Universe and each Chakra represents a state of consciousness. Blocks in your understanding of these levels of consciousness will restrict the flow of energy to that Charka, and refining your state of consciousness will help you receive the energy to that area that is needed to sustain you...