Serena Ng, QLD Consultant, Facilitator of 3rd level courses

QLD Consultant, Facilitator of 3rd level courses

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Who am I?

I was born in Hong Kong, migrated to Australia in 1987 and now reside on the Gold Coast. I have gone through various life experiences, and have had life’s share of ups and downs, which inspired me on a crusade to understand myself better. Upon hearing an Energy Awakening Event Talk and workshop I found the tools I needed to be successful in my life and happy and joyous.

I am now a Consultant myself and conduct workshops, offer spiritual profiles and support those searching in their endeavours of self-discovery.

Now I am running a real estate business and would like to take every opportunity that arises to share the joy and my understandings with others.

How I get connected with my guidance?

As I was born in a place with mixed traditions and cultures, I have gone through some tough times to learn life under the influence of the dogmas and obligations, which have bound me for decades. I was fortunate to meet with some like-minded people, who have introduced Living Illumination to me, that have showed me the direction when I mostly needed at that moment of time.

What will I want to do in the coming future?

As I have gained the benefits and now live my life with joy because of the assistance of Living Illumination, I would like to share the joy with those who are also eager to find their true self, and be free.