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For Spiritual Health, Healing and Enhancement

About Living Illumination

LIVING ILLUMINATION has been created by Author Kristy Kaye in December 2000. With Kristy Kaye’s background of 23 years in Spiritual Development, having trained in the world’s largest spiritual College founded in the 1970’s she has immense experience and is well equipped to understand the challenges faced by people at the various cross roads of their life. With a specially chosen team of elite consultants with specific skills in different areas of counseling and Personal development it is able to offer a place for searches of all levels to find answers.

Without trained consultants from all parts of the world Living Illumination would just be a name.

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Living Illumination specializes in Trance Healings, Our Trance trained Consultants performing major Healings offering the public access to one of the most effective healings available. As a natural part of the healing the person having the healing hears intimate details of the soul’s life and answers any questions helping the person having the healing to realize how they attracted this energy. The soul is irrevocably and positively then healed having now made transition. This is a revelatory program, which also offers insights on passing over.

For those wanting to delve in-depth into self-discovery we have over 300 courses and over 20 unique one on one Profile services available for very specific individual healing and growth.

Living Illumination also offers training to people who wish to learn about themselves first and then desire to join our other Trained Spiritual Consultants.

Living Illuminations portfolio of courses include a specially designed program consisting of Serenity and Transcendental courses to help people find their own inner peace, attainingthe ability to thrive in today’s fast paced world.

Living Illuminations predominant impetus is the embracement and edification of all mankind, making a difference on the planet and leaving a legacy for searchers to continue to learn and grow spiritually.