10 STEPS: Step 5 - Follow your feelings first

My 10 steps to enlightenment continued… 


By Kristy Kaye

This is not easy.  Your feelings are your soul and often our fears and programming can make us ignore them lest they get in the way of our ambition.

Our intellect we can call our thinking nature.  It governs our thoughts. These thoughts can be easily influenced by others or misplaced ideals if we do not have discernment in our feelings for whether they are truthful or beneficial. By now we have probably trained our intellect to answer any challenges we may have in life even though our feelings may be screaming for us to do something different.

Our feeling nature works with our sensitivity and senses the truth giving us gut impressions.  We have to listen to our feelings. That is through using patience to distract our intellect first or wait till it exhausts itself.

Usually feeling impressions come first.  If we have done a Universal workshop we will be quite far on our journey towards enlightenment.   In the workshop explanations can guide us to our preferred next step.

Our feelings, the seat of our soul, have to be acknowledged.  To try to make our intellect be our feelings is very dangerous.  One is emotional – our intellectual feelings, which keep us captivated in confused ideas and ideals and the other our true feelings guides us to follow our inner truth.

© Kristy Kaye 2017

It is always easier in the beginning to follow our intellect as a great percentage of people on Planet Earth do every day with reason and explanations to justify it.

Our feelings know the bigger picture and guide us through the maze of fear we have, to overcome to live an enlightened life.

If we experience pain it can be the time we use our feelings to navigate our way out of it.  One quick way is to put some pressure on our fingers with one of our fingernails. This usually produces results and that can help us find our feelings.

Other ways can be in survival situations or taking a shower or a swim.  Water is a great way to relax and we gain impressions. There are other more sophisticated ways to reach them.

Living Illumination has a very technique filled course that helps us to know how our feelings work and how to use them productively.  Use the Events page to discover how to do one of these amazing courses.

My ten steps to enlightenment

  1. AWAKEN: Open yourself to change your perspective on just about everything.
  2. BENEFIT:  Expel any limiting ideas or ideals that only bring you down.
  3. HEAL YOUR PAST - Find your power.
  4. COMMIT to your new life by following through on a mission of self-discovery.
  5. FOLLOW YOUR FEELINGS FIRST! Understand the difference between feelings and emotions.
  6. GIVE YOURSELF TIME: Time to meditate on how your life is faring. Carve out of your daily time priorities time for you.  Time to grow!
  7. REGROUP yourself daily USE KEY WORDS! Learn to respect and nurture your energy to maintain balance.
  8. DETACH:  Unplug yourself from the matrix of life.
  9. KILL OBLIGATION: If you feel obliged to do things for others your pathway to enlightenment will be challenged with ups and downs.

© Kristy Kaye 2021