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Kristy Kaye has travelled extensively, researching cultures, beliefs and traditions throughout the world. She was introduced to religious studies and belief systems early in life, and she continues her education today. Her real training, chronicled here, began in her forties, when she met her mentor and guide. She currently lives in New South Wales in Australia.

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The Constitution of Our Soul
  • $22.00

BookDesitiny's Deliverance of Our Soul's Rights presents an inspirational guide to the process of awakening the soul's raw potential. Your soul has untapped power, and it is your right to learn how to harness that potential.

Raising Children Soul to Soul
  • $22.00

BookChildren raised with awareness and energy enlightenment are amazing individuals. They have a superior comprehension of life, business and energy even at a young age, and they quickly learn how to create innovative, successful outcomes.