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As we encounter obstacles on our path to self-discovery, we may find it necessary to pause and address what we've become aware of. Healing is an inherent aspect of self-transformation and spiritual growth. To support this journey, we offer uniquely designed profiles and meditations tailored to address specific needs, as demonstrated on this page. Much like we have a team of angels, there are souls from past lifetimes who still recognise us by names they once knew. This process can be bewildering, and as we progress on our journey, we become increasingly conscious of their presence.

We provide several levels of trance healing to address the demands of this presence. No matter the pressures we may face, our services can effectively alleviate or resolve the influence of these souls. In essence, we offer solutions for transitioning, healing, and reducing the pressure and confusion that might impact your life, hinder your quality of life, and prevent you from reaching your full potential.

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Trance Healing Clinics (#700 @AWK)
  • $140.00


D level Trance healing consultation (#7118 @INT)
  • $400.00


Online Healing Circles (#416 @LED)
  • $0.00


Concept of Limitation Healing Consultation (#7114 @AWK)
  • $350.00


Transcendence Meditation Healing Workshop (#809 @AWK)
  • $100.00